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Über mich

Pop Melodies Filled With Hate

Yo, I play in this Skacore | Crack Rock | Pop Crust band called: Anti-Venöm and you can get all our music for free here on Last.Fm! You can follow us in some of the links below too:


If you want to get to know me, say how much my band sucks, talk about music or just chat for a bit; add me as your friend, leave me a note or send me a PM. I'm always happy to reply and get to know more people all over the world.

Saludos desde Mexico, Cheers!


I you have time, check out Riot Ska Records Cuz we're part of it and it's the sickest, most amazing, incredible DIY label in the whole world! Great bands, artist, family and friends! Don't miss it!

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