very very very very very very very late and short summary of '06


10. Feb. 2007, 20:11

in 2006 we had a lot of good music. here are the best albums(in my opinion):

1. tv on the radio Return To Cookie Mountain

2. the raconteurs Broken Boy Soldiers

3. the rapture Pieces Of The People We Love

4. the strokes First Impressions of Earth

5. kasabian Empire

6. yeah yeah yeahs Show Your Bones

7. sonic youth Rather Ripped


disappointment of 2007: Pearl Jam.


what became or will become 2007? two very good albums so far: yoko ono Yes, I'm A Witch (with one of the most beautiful tracks, that i ever heard: Death Of Samantha) and new damon albarn's project: the good, the bad and the queen. and a lot of goods in the near future, especially interpol. they are recording their third album it'll be in stores soon (probably in the middle of 2007). after Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics, it should be one of the best albums ad 2007, at least...


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