• my favorite postapocalyptic love song

    14. Jan. 2007, 9:20

    this was one of those wear-out-the-record songs, i mean i must have listened to it -- a hundred times? three hundred forty two? who knows, it was the late eighties and i was a mess, and this song ... it was a *movie* in my mind fer cryin' out loud, and then it was just ... gone. gone from my internal soundtrack (songs burnt indelibly into my synapses i can nearly hear if i listen intently to the silences). it's good i retain music in my mind because i'm just awful with actual copies of it -- and back in the dark days before the advent of broadband and P2P, i spent much time & energy seeking out lost music, but somehow not for this. it didn't even cross my mind, not for years, not for more than ten or maybe fifteen of them.

    and then one day i happened upon big generator in a used cd bin, and there it is, this song. it was a shock to the system, realizing i'd forgotten it & in that moment having it spring right back up into my consciousness, just seeing the title on the back cover -- a full and vivid memory, every note every word and a spin in the wayback machine, i mean i may have been standing there in this century, but everything else about me was elsewhen.

    makes me wonder what other whole chunks of my life are lying hidden under layers of forgetfulness & other mental dust, just waiting to be triggered with a word (or four).