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You are 91% MetalHead
You should be getting this score if you consider yourself a metalhead. Good job and keep on listening to metal! Conformity is death
How much of a MetalHead are you?
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What Metal type are you?
Your Result: Power Metal
You want vocals that are not harsh. You enjoy palm muted riffs with epic atmosphere and keyboards. You enjoy huge amounts of speed, and the occasional ballad. The more happier the music, the better (but that is not always the case). You enjoy bands similar to DragonForce, Blind Guardian, Freedom call, and Helloween.
Result Breakdown:
89% Power Metal
77% Heavy Metal
62% Nu Metal
55% Death Metal
45% Black Metal
45% Progressive/Technical Metal
31% Thrash Metal
9% Not Metal

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What Kind of Metalhead are You?
Your Result: Power Metalhead
You love that fast, operatic and intense form of music the Europeans worship. Fast tempos? Check. Silly lyrics? Check. Keyboards? Check.

Whilst the homo erotic imagery the likes of Manowar adopt may turn off other people, you love it and don't really take it too seriously.

Your favourite bands may include Hammerfall, Iced Earth, Epica, Mystic Prophecy, Firewind, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody of Fire.
Result Breakdown:
78% Power Metalhead
75% Heavy Metalhead
52% Prog Metalhead
36% Thrasher
30% Death Metalhead
19% Poser
14% Black Metalhead

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