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    6. Dez. 2011, 23:06

    "you're in my blood like holy wine, you taste so bitter and so sweet. oh i could drink a case of you darling and i would still be on my feet."

    "i remember that time you told me 'love is touching souls.' well surely you've touched mine 'cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time."

    "he knows me every inch of my tar black soul."

    "and you washed all the wisdom out your mouth and the gas danced on the edge of your bottom lip."

    "with a colouring book and a biro and a point to prove."

    "floats like a niccy rush, stings like a bee..flat."

    "and she snapped wing mirrors of a cadillac, a particularly pretty one, and that meant she never had to strain her back when she was putting her lippy on."

    "well time tastes bland when she's not around, and you'd sit and you'd sink and approach the brink before she shows you how to shake love's steady hand."

    "and does it get on your nerves, make you slightly perturbed that there's things that you don't know about her? and even the places that you've never been with her seem awful empty without her."

    "love is a curse, shoved in a hearse."


    "all you skins & mods you get together, make pretend it's 1969 forever."

    "first time that i saw you, teeth squeezed my lips and i thought i'd die without you, but you're here and it's clear that it's just a state of mind."

    "the first time, the last time, all the times i would liked there to have been."

    "i can't believe i chose the mountains every time you chose the sea."

    "your virility makes me forget empathy."

    "it's not about tenements and needles and all the evils in their eyes and the backs of their minds. daisy chains and schoolyard games and a list of things we said we'd do tomorrow."

    "the albion sails on course."

    "you almost encourage my happiness, but i know best."

    "you were sorta punk rock, i grew up on hip hop."

    "you fit me better than my favourite sweater."

    "would you like me to build you a go-kart?"

    "if it's true you're gonna run away, tell me where, i'll meet you there."

    "fools on parade frolic and fuck about"

    "jigsaw women with horror movie shoes, be cruel to me cause i'm a fool for you."

    "the tide took me to your mouth"

    "from folded notes in envelopes, 'meet me beneath the moon, don't go too soon' she went too soon"

    "the first time that i caught my own reflection, it was on it's way to meet you, thinking of excuses to postpone."

    "how could i let go since i caught a glimpse of your white plimpsoles, twisting and turning to northern soul."

    "you think that you know me, you're pissing me off. you said that you love me, why don't you fuck off?"

    "my you did look dapper in your mother's old green scarf, and your famous aunty arthur's trousers on."

    "slapped by that slapper, how we all laughed, she laughed the loudest."

    "she knows her rodneys from her stanleys and her kappas from her reeboks. and her tit from her tat, and her winstons and her enochs."

    "round the snooker table, she'd dance the frutti tutti. she almost spilled her lager toasting girls of great beauty."

    "all your fighting got you nowhere, if nowhere's here with you on my skin. and you can fight forever but if you killed them all you'd never win."

    "and they held on so tight in the dark he brushed her hair away, she heard him say 'all my life i've been fighting and making the best of, and with a very bad luck..'"

    "i got a stone where my heart should be and nothing i do will make you love me."

    "it was perfect, a dream come true just like a song by blink-182."

    "i know you used to be into me, now you've got it in for me."

    "this maudlin career must come to an end, i don't want to be sad again."



    "fuck your romance, i wanna pretend that jenny-lee lindberg is my girlfriend."

    "i wanna go down south and hold onto your feelings lately"

    "a thousand doubts shoved to the back of my mind for you."

    "what i like most about you pete is your girlfriend & your shoes."

    "you had the good stuff, oh there's a parade of girls outside."

    "you're in love and you don't know what to say. well i saw her at the fair, she feels the same way."

    "the catgut binds your ankles to my bedstead. well that ain't love, that ain't love."

    "we make love in the morning, i see your eyes look like two marbles in your head."