aTunes 1.7.2 released


31. Aug. 2007, 17:41


after a few weeks of low activity, aTunes 1.7.2 has been released. Here is the changelog:

- Added "Remove from Disk" option for songs, albums, artists or folders
- FIX: Language Selector Dialog displays incorrectly
- Added PNG format for covers of repository
- Save automatically covers in PNG instead of JPEG
- FIX: Process mplayer ends anormally when closing aTunes
- Added slovak translation (thanks to Andrej Herich)
- Added "Year" column to play list
- FIX: CD Detection/Rip on Linux Machines (Sylvain Gaudard)
- Look up Audio CD's at all CD-ROM drives (Sylvain Gaudard)
- FIX: Playlist loading with relative paths (Sylvain Gaudard)

You can download it at


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