60s 70s a campire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river and… acid jazz acoustic alternative amator ambient american underground atmospheric atmospheric black metal audiobook avant-garde avant-garde jazz beat black ambient black metal bossa nova burlesc chillout classic rock classical colin meloy contemporary classical contemporary jazz dark ambient darker than the deepest sea deep listening depressive black metal diletantic directia 5 downtempo dreamy electronic electronica etern reciclabil experimental female vocalists finnish finnish black metal for those who do not sleep enough due to staying up late at night for no apparent… free improvisation french funeral doom metal german godspeed you! black emperor gypsy heavy psychedelic indie inimaginabil de inapt muzical instrumental iz de bodega jazz krautrock let the gay people live forever lo-fi math rock mike patton minimal minimalism music that can be compared to a drunk baby having a diareea and recording it with a… music to fall asleep to ninja tune noise noise rock nokia ringtone norwegian black metal nu jazz nu-jazz poetry poli post-punk post-rock progressive rock psychedelic psychedelic rock pupincurist raw black metal riot grrrl romanian russian seen live shoegaze songs that saved your life soundscape space rock spoken word stoner metal stoner rock sufleteste de inimoasa sufleteste de inimos suicidal black metal super songs super-songs swing timisoara trip hop trip-hop tristeza trololololololololololo