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  • surrender_xx

    C'mon, you *have to* tell me your evil plan! I promise you that Marco and I will resort to using it only if it's completely necessary, LOL. Joe had the pig mask and the other guy, Ollie, was in the clown mask, which totally freaked Caspar out. I love how he fell down from the shock. :') Of course. :P You know, I actually found another boy's name that I really love: Pietro (even though it doesn't start with an M). :3 But I haven't figured anything out for a little girl yet. :o Hopefully Marco has something to suggest. xP The link worked for me, haha. I can see dat Marco booty, hahaha -- omg, I'm never typing that again, I swear. NO! WHAT EVEN-! LOLOL! Maybe that's his secret theme song. ;) I think I saw a Götzeus fanfiction on Tumblr that was based on Anaconda. I was like 'WTF, WHY?' *scarred for life* (Side note: I didn't read it!) Nah, just Copa América and the Women's World Cup! What about you? Oh, really? That's a shame! :x I hope that you'll have more luck in finding what you like!

    Gestern um 04:47 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Well, I remembered many stuff from various Sailor Moon sites~ But you know, I have good memory, when it comes to fictional stuff (movies, TV series, books etc.), while I may not remember about regular everyday duties, because I put it in my short-term memory ;) Due to this fact, if I won't start doing something immediately (for example, if somebody will ask me to do the dishes), but I'll tell to myself that I'll do it after finishing some virtual/artistic/something-like-that stuff, then I'll forget about this duty after finishing that stuff ^^; Well, currently I don't watch any show (except new Sailor Moon). I'm on hiatus with Mushishi, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Chii's Sweet Home. The last series I've finished was Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu Love! - it's a parody of magical girls series... with magical boys as the main characters ;) (here's the opening of it)

    30. Jun., 9:15 Antworten
  • surrender_xx

    Marco needs to plan something awesome and unforgettable, like this! :3 Imagine that, aha. Ten years later, there's a knock on the door and it's Pierre looking to get back at him. xP ROFL—by all means—share it; I don't mind! This season was from August 22nd to May 23rd. The new one starts on August 14th. A couple, yes. I was mostly buying tank tops and thin, light t-shirts. :) Well you could always get it for next summer. :b Yay! I love all kinds of jewelry that are unique or charming. ^~^ I get what you mean. That's the disadvantage of online shopping, you can't test the items out. :L Aw, why not? I went to Zara during my mall trip, but I couldn't find anything that I liked because the shop was so disorganized and messy!

    29. Jun., 23:11 Antworten
  • surrender_xx

    Haha, no problem. c: True! Maybe he thought that Pierre was taking a photo of him instead. Hmm. That is kinda odd, but I'm confident that the feeling will hopefully go away in time. Oh yes, the league finished back in May. Lots of summer clothing! And I found so many pretty rings that I couldn't resist. I also got a lot of stuff from this cosmetic store called Lush -- I'm currently obsessed with it. They're 100% cruelty free (no animal testing) and the products are all natural, which is really wonderful. :D

    28. Jun., 23:16 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    The 5th season doesn't have any special episodes or a movie connected with it... and it's probably all, what can I write about this issue ^^; In the case of me watching Sailor Moon - I'm watching Sailor Moon Crystal now (every new episode is aired on niconico every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month), but there are only 2 episodes left and this series is much worse than 90s anime :( In the case of 90s anime - I don't watch it (except some scenes or episodes, if I want to ckeck something, but it happens very rarely), but I have a very good memory and I used to watch a lot of Sailor Moon amvs some years ago, so I don't think i need to refresh it now~

    27. Jun., 18:21 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    First of all, it features a character, who dies at the end of the S season. In this movie nobody is surprised that she's alive, despite the fact that when she re-appears at the beginning of the 5th season, everybody is surprised that she's not dead~ Second of all, one character gets a new love interest in this movie, despite the fact that one of the main subplots in the 4th season was a romantic relation (well, at the beginning it's only a friendship) between her and a completely different character, and they are close to each other till their farewell in the last episode of this season (although it's certain they'll meet again in the future). However, this love interest from the TV series isn't even mentioned in the movie ;P And then we have the last, 5th season, called Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, episodes 167-200. The first 6 episodes are a bridge between SuperS and Sailor Stars: they definitely finish the main subplot of SuperS, and they introduce some elements of Sailor Stars.

    27. Jun., 18:15 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Unfortunately, there is one inconsistency in the second of these specials: it features two characters, who used to appear before in the TV series, and they re-appear in the 5th season, but they aren't even mentioned in the 4th season. In this special they fight a member of the evil organisation known from the TV series, they realize that a new powerful enemy appeared... and later they do nothing about it (despite the fact that before and after the 4th season they treat fighting evil very, very seriously), thinking that the rest of the team will get the better of it by themselves. However, it's still a nice special. The last SuperS special was shown in cinemas before SuperS movie (Black Dream Hole), and - just like the movie itself - takes place after the end of the 4th season. Unfortunately SuperS movie also has some inconsistency with the TV series...

    27. Jun., 18:03 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Second of all - the villains from S season aren't even mentioned, while the plot of this movie lasts for 1-2 weeks (the events from R movie last for only 2-3 days, so it's possible that the R season villains had some break at this time ;)), and Senshi behave in such way as if the S movie villains were their only opponents then~ Unfortunately the events in this movie can't take place after the end of the 3rd season, because it features a character, who dies in one of the finale episodes of the season ;P And then we have the 4th season, Sailor Moon SuperS, episodes 128-166. Besides the TV series, it has also 4 special episodes and 1 movie. The first 3 special episodes take place between episodes 130 and 131, and they're the only specials (or movies), which can be placed precisely on the timeline of the TV series, and which feature villains from the main storyline as well...

    27. Jun., 17:54 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Then there is the 3rd season, Sailor Moon S (S stands for Super), episodes 90-127. There is no animated special episodes connected with it (there's only one special episodes, in which there is shown the meeting between voice actors of Senshi), but there is a movie (Hearts in Ice), lasting 1 hour, connected with it (it's set somewhere in the second half of the season). In the situation of the compability between this movie and the TV series there is much more inconsistency that in the case of R movie. First of all - Saturn isn't even mentioned in it, despite the fact she used to appear in almost every episode (except one) of S season since her first appearance in ep. 111, while the character, who has her first appearance in this season in the ep. 110, and appears in lesser amount of episodes in this season than Saturn, appears in this movie~

    27. Jun., 17:43 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    The last episode of R season (no. 89) is a kind of special episode, because it features mostly footage from previous seasons and some from the first episode of the third season (as a part of the advertisement of the new season ;))... only audio - the discussion bettwen Sailor Senshi - is unique ;) In this episode girls are aware they are characters from an anime series, they discuss briefly some stuff connected with the enemies and two mysterious characters from the third season, but mostly they argue, who of them should be the leader of the team ;) Anyway, R season has also one REAL special episode (Make Up! Sailor Senshi), lasting 10 minutes, which was shown in cinemas before R movie (Promise of the Rose), lasting 1 hour. The action in this movie takes place somewhere in the last 1/3 part of the R season, although there is some inconsistency in it (there are new unique villains in it, who aren't even mentioned in the series... just like the villains from the series in this movie ;)).

    27. Jun., 17:29 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    You're welcome :) As I said - Saturn appears in the half of the 3rd season and she plays very important role there, but she doesn't appear in a movie connected with this season. In the case of movies and specials, it looks in such way: the first season (episodes 1-46), usually called 'Classic' by the fans, doesn't have any movies or specials connected with it. The second season, Sailor Moon R (R probably stands for Rabbit, although the vast majority of the fandom thinks it stands for Romance, while some other fans think it stands for Returns), contains 43 episodes. The first 13 episodes of R season is a bridge between the 1st season and the main plot of R season, and the events and villains from are unique for the 90s anime storyline (its creators made these episodes, because they wanted to give Naoko Takeuchi more time for preparing the second arc of her manga).

    27. Jun., 17:17 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Yes, Saturn appears for the first time just in the 3rd season... but unfortunately she doesn't appear - unlike the rest of Sailor Senshi appearing in it - in the movie connected with it. Heh. She's practically the only Solar System Senshi, who doesn't appear in any of the movies or special episodes (you know about movies and specials, right?). And yes, Usagi is 14. And - as you said - we all work differently (besides, her family situation is different than the situation of other Senshi - that's the issue I mentioned to you before).

    26. Jun., 10:49 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Besides, the villain was mocking her and Christianity for the majority of his interaction with her. Ah, and at one moment Rei said that the Church interrupts the activity of her family temple. The episode wasn't aired in Poland, although not due to the law itself (we have a law against insulting religious feelings, but somebody would have to report this to the court then - and I don't think that somebody would treat such cartoon that seriously), but mostly because the TV station, which was airing Sailor Moon then, didn't want to get any phone calls or letters from outraged parents XD Some things, which could be problematic for Catholics, played the key role already in the second half of the 3rd season, but they weren't shown in a mocking way... while that episode from the 4th season was mocking it somehow, and it simply had too many such issues shown in relatively short time ;)

    26. Jun., 10:36 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    In the second scene that was shown in a dream (one character was worried very much about a person close to her, and was feeling helpless, because they've lost any contact with each other: then she had a dream, in which this person was hanging on a cross and was begging her for help, before being submerged by some demonic hands), and dreams are full of various symbols anyway~ The case of that episode in the 4th season was a bit different - the main civilian character in it was a Roman-Catholic nun, but this thing itself wasn't problematic (because in the 1st season there was an episode with a Roman-Catholic priest, and there was an episode with an another nun in the 5th season - Christianity was shown there in respect, even if there was some problematic aspect with these specific characters ;)). In this episode this nun was seen by other characters (both by the good and the bad guys) mostly as an attractive female. Besides...

    26. Jun., 10:22 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    I think that - in the case of the third season - the creators just took some elements from Christianity and adapted it to Sailor Moon universe. In the most important aspects they just took one sacred title and gave it to figures, who have similar function in this universe as the Christian figure in this title, they also took name of one semi-legendary artifact from Christianity for an another important artifact. They probably just thought that these names (taken from beliefs, in which they rather don't believe) show well, what kind of role the figures invented by them play in their story. Besides: in some scenes (one in the second season and one in the third season) some characters are shown on the crosses - in the first situation they were hung there by a villain (and well, villains may have strange/stupid/disrespectful ideas ;P).

    26. Jun., 10:06 Antworten
  • surrender_xx

    Pierre is Batman and Marco is Robin, see! Haha, you're right. :b But Marco didn't seem shy about it. ;) ...which is funny because he's usually self-conscious around cameras. That's true! Pierre even has a son. :3 Yes, certainly! He'd probably try and get me back for all of that, lol. Aw, I know what you mean. It's happened to me in the past also. Have you tried finding some new hobbies? Maybe it's just necessary to change it up for a bit. I'm doing fine too. Missing the Bundesliga... xD Yes, except I didn't really spend much time at the mall last time and actually, I'm going again tomorrow, so I'll let you know about that in the next shout!

    26. Jun., 4:15 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    Ah, Hotaru (Saturn) appears for the first time (although briefly) in the episode 111, so there's a long way before you ^^; And yes, Hotaru is really mature and smart for her age (she's a few years younger than the majority of the team). In the case of Usagi - if you're on the episode 14 (with the first operation of Nephrite) now, you're going to see a pretty nice episode (when it comes to the way she acted as a Sailor Soldier). Besides, I've met with really valid fan theories, while she seems to be less mature than the rest of the team (or rather why the rest of the team is more mature than her ;)) or less competent than them (or rathey why they are more competent than her ;)). In the case of first issue, I may already tell you, why Ami and Rei are more mature than her, rather without spoiling much - Ami's issue is mentioned in 90s anime only in one episode of the 4th season, while Rei's issue isn't explained in this adaptation (but it's usually accepted as canon by the fans).

    25. Jun., 13:53 Antworten
  • ewaglad

    I don't know, if it appears in a similar way in at least some other communities, but the term "dark age" is (or at least was) used in the community of adult fans of LEGO bricks, when they refer to the time, when they stopped playing with these bricks (after adoring it in childhood), until they re-discovered the beauty of this toy ;) (I never was in the LEGO fans community, but my brother used to be in it, and that's the way, how I get to know this term). Anyway - my relatives (and some other people I knew) thought that Sailor Moon is stupid due to the childishness of the Polish translation, the untypical humor and the "disrespectful references to Christianity" (the las thing occured in the third season... and in the one episode of the fourth season, but that episode was never aired in Poland ;)).

    25. Jun., 13:37 Antworten
  • surrender_xx

    Of course, I never knew Batman could be THAT epic. I've always been more of a Robin girl! ;) LOL, I think the words just slipped out. Oops. :b They do. Well, hopefully not "together" together, that would be a little far, haha... I envy all of the guys that share the locker room with him anyway. :* Omg, ikr? That's what made it hilarious! Naww, I know you wouldn't! You're a true friend. x3 ♥ Oh, I would annoy Pierre about it if I could. I'd spam him through texts to help Marco get some extra revenge. :D They're a really dynamic duo. :') How are you doing by the way, any news? xx.

    25. Jun., 3:43 Antworten
  • surrender_xx

    Pierre is a real hero. ROFL. I've seen Marco wearing less actually, but um... xD You're right. Hahaha, yup! I have no idea what Auba's inspiration was -- though he's genius for doing it. I bet there's more stuff like that on his phone... craziness! :O I'm laughing so much right now because of what you wrote, lolol. It's okay, I won't get mad if you look. (Joking!) :3

    20. Jun., 7:08 Antworten
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