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Machinae Supremacy - I Know the Reaper
It ain't always merry to notice there's a line
Life is kinda scary, when you are left behind
All the loved ones lost to you, used to be somewhere
You know you will follow too and you don't realy care to
Just go nowhere

And so you keep them all alive in your head
I tell you i know the Reaper
No light and no eternal life
What i said
I tell you i know the Reaper

Sweetest of all lies one of everlasting life
No one wants to die but we do so we hide
What you fail to realize is there's no need to fear
You live on in hearts and minds of those who hold you dear
Who are right here

Machinae Supremacy - Need for Steve
I will be forever
I refuse to fade away into the never
I don't wait for heaven
I will live my life right here on earth instead

So many under the sun,
So many under the gun
But i've just only began,
A million miles 'til i'm done

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