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Robert ShawNabucco : Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate (Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves) Gestern um 18:20
Barrington PheloungInspector Morse Gestern um 18:17
MS MRTime of My Life (Cover) Gestern um 18:13
MS MRStrings Gestern um 18:08
MS MRTwenty Seven Lieblingslied Gestern um 18:05
PJ HarveyI Think I'm A Mother Gestern um 18:01
PJ HarveyC'mon Billy Gestern um 17:58
PJ HarveyTeclo Gestern um 17:53
PJ HarveyThe Dancer Gestern um 17:49
MS MRTwenty Seven Lieblingslied Gestern um 17:45
MS MRHead Is Not My Home Gestern um 17:42
MS MRTwenty Seven Lieblingslied Gestern um 17:38
MS MRFantasy Gestern um 17:35
MS MRHurricane Gestern um 17:31
MS MRAsh Tree Lane Gestern um 17:28
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Über mich

conspiracy theorist
spork enthusiast
Bron and Forbrydelsen addict
Gandalf is my hero
i don’t do drugs (clean 5 years)
i love to cook
communication is key
Greg Mackintosh is friggen hot
i love falling snow
i can tolerate pain
i love summer rain
i have heart palpitations
i love thunderstorm
i love smelling my child's stinky feet
i don’t follow fads
I'm a pretty big fan of Adventure Time
i try to have a clean house
i don’t like scented candles
I love my computer
i love pistachios
i like to give whenever possible
i have trust issues
i’m a meat eater
i don’t drink alcohol (5 years sober)
i love metal music
I'm a huge Silent Hill fan
indigo is my favorite color
I want live in a medieval castle
i’m shy
Michael Kiske makes me horny
i like to mow the lawn
Kristanna Loken is a queen
i’m goofy
I love Scandinavian culture
i like being home
horror movie fan
I like bananas
i’ve been in "love"
i don’t have many friends and i like it that way
Jamie Dornan is sexy as fuck
i like the smell of gasoline
I love onions and garlic
i don't trust the government
i play quest games
i love to write
i'm kinesthetic
i am a geek
i suffer from Glossophobia
Chris Corner is extremely cute
i love making lists
I'm funny
i want a German shepherd
i’m a very sexual person lol
I'm not a quitter
i prefer dark men
i like to sleep
i pirate music
sarcasm is fun
Anthony Hopkins is my favorite celebrity
i have short term memory problems
Serj Tankian is a genius
i like dark sodas
I like to hide
I have imaginative mind
pizza and pelmeny are my favorite meals
i like to lead rather than follow
Chulpan Khamatova is cute
i play some brains
i believe in lust at first touch
Nick Holmes and Johan Ericson are my favorite vocalists
i am not good at making gifts
i love Dr. House
I suffer from varicose veins
i miss my grammy and grandpa
Rush amazes me
i’m fond of mdm
cockroaches are ugly
i don’t like to push myself
i wanna go to New Zeland
i don't believe in love at first sight
i don’t believe in war
although i support our troops
i love Andrey Panin r.i.p.
my biggest flaw is my sensitivity
I have a denim shorts fetish
i love money, but I can't count it
i dislike loud talkers
i can’t lie or i feel guilty
if i do lie i almost immediately fix it
I like the smell of my own farts
I like to read
I'm a big fan of "Siberia"
i hate going "out"
i want to see a whale
i need a lot of pillows and blankets on the bed
i have addictive behaviors
eyes freak me out
i’m easily annoyed
i like long tv series marathons
i am an asshole
i like to watch, but I’m not a voyeur
i throw up at the sight of someone throwing up
i take 3 pills everyday
i wish i were Trinity from the Matrix
I’m not sure who i am yet

iamamiwhoami - fountain
Paradise Lost - I Am Nothing
My Own Private Alaska - I Am an Island

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