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Hey, the name's Adam. I'm an artist, musician, athlete, and thinker from Virginia. I'm currently attending Roanoke College, studying for art and art education. I play soccer, run cross country, and stay active. However, I also have a deep love of music, mostly alternative, indie, progressive, metal, all of its sub-genres and post-rock. I'm open to anything, however.

I delve into many forms of art, my favorites including pixel and traditional (painting, drawing, sculpting, and such). I also enjoy writing, whether it be music, my ideas, stories, anything of the sort. I also love to hike, hang with friends, and, as I said earlier, play sports. I like to think outside the box, and I'm definitely not your typical person.

You may know me elsewhere as Heretic, Dex, Ferg, etc.!/afergusonart

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