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Ryan AdamsGimme Sunshine 27. Sep., 1:51
Ryan AdamsFrom Me To You 27. Sep., 1:48
Ryan Adams29 27. Sep., 1:44
Ryan AdamsP.S. 27. Sep., 1:36
Ryan AdamsWhen The Summer Ends 27. Sep., 1:33
Ryan AdamsHalloweenhead 27. Sep., 1:32
Ryan AdamsRock N Roll 27. Sep., 1:29
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Ryan AdamsA Kiss Before I Go 27. Sep., 1:24
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Über mich

Music is "a universal language in the highest
sense, which has roughly the same relationship to
the universality of concepts as these have to
individual things... This intimate relationship
which music has to the true essence of all things
explains why, when appropriate music sounds in
any scene or action or event or environment, it
seems to open up to us its most secret meaning
and supplies the most accurate and intelligible
commentary upon it. For music is different from
all the other arts in the sense that it is not a
copy of the appearance or, more accurately, the
adequate objectivity of the Will but the
unconditional copy of the Will itself and,
therefore, to everything that is physical in the
world it is the metaphysical, to every appearance
it represents the essence. One could in
consequence just as well call the world embodied
music as embodied Will: hence it is
understandable why music throws every painting --
indeed every scene of actual life and the world --
into bold relief in heightened significance."
-Arthur Schopenhaeur

"I love the relationship that anyone has with music:
because there’s something in us that is beyond the
reach of words, something that eludes and defies
our best attempts to spit it out. It’s the best part of
us, probably, the richest and strangest part...."
-Nick Hornby

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