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HeatwaveBoogie Nights Lieblingslied 14. Apr. 2009
Jeff LorberSun Ra 9. Apr. 2009
Soul BalletExotique 9. Apr. 2009
Chuck LoebNew Life 9. Apr. 2009
Grover Washington, Jr.Black Frost 9. Apr. 2009
Boney JamesLet It Go 9. Apr. 2009
Chris BottiThe Look Of Love 9. Apr. 2009
Jeff GolubDroptop 9. Apr. 2009
Rippingtonstourist in paradise 9. Apr. 2009
Rick BraunGrazing In The Grass 9. Apr. 2009
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Über mich

I am newly married and have 3 kids. I love all kinds of music, especially disco, my second favorite is romantic, especially classical, any soft music. My husband loves dance/techno music. We dont drive each other crazy, disco and dance/techno are almost the same. We act like retards, we love surfin the net to find videos of drunk people doing stupid crap and falling down. My personal favorite is one on you tube called drunk russian ninja/mortal kombat, its possibly the best shit ever, the fuck who made it was brilliant. Another one is two drunk guys and an umbrella, again it was beutiful. 1 more is two drunk guys and a bike. We have a weird cat that only responds when we yell like creepy retards at her, she loves it. She plays hide and seek and gets excited alot. shes possibly one of the smartest cats, weve had her since she was a baby {03/08} and shes never scratched a face, or anything for that. Our kids are little and often play rough with her, but shes never defended herself against them, she hits with a soft paw, she wont bite anywere but your hands when we play rough, i love this cat. She also knows when were stressed out, she some how "sences" our high blood pressure becaus she will come out of nowere and stop us in our tracks by standing in front of us, gettin under our feet, jumpin up on our leggs, whatever she can till we stop and pet her for a while, without even realizing we often forget the "crisis", it lowers our blood pressure, and we feel better, shes a good kitty. Well my life is pretty boreing i dont know much else to write about.

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