accordian adam cooley anxietycore art rock autechre avant avant-blues avant-garde avant-garde rock avant-prog avant-progressive avant-progressive rock avant-trombone avantgardener awful bullshit beefheart worship blew my mind into tiny pieces of grey matter broken drum machines captain beefheart circuit bending curious disrespectfultotheirfanscore drone noise drum machines dwod ecstasy and valium electronic experimental experimental guitar farmers market faun fables freak folk free folk free jazz free noise ghost sludge glacial drone glitch guitar god inland empire intelligent dance music japanese traditional jazz noise lesser known yet streamable artists melodic noise meltdown-progressive mickey roberts noise middle eastern influenced minimalism multi-genre music with toys neoclassical shred mohommad suicmez theory arpeggio deathmetal metal brutal solo… new america new weird america no genre no restrictions on genre no wave nocore noise noise folk noise punk now wave nurse with wound list occult people who are freakier and folkier than motherfucking devendra banhart poop prepared guitar prog progressive no wave progressive noise psych noise psychadelic folk psychedelic folk psychedelic noise rapecore robitussin blues rock in opposition sasha grey sasha grey loves scissor shock sasha grey loves us saxaphone scissor shock scissor shock ripoffs shoegaze noise skin graft songs that explode with weirdness stuff to check out sun city girls sun city girls worship surf punk these arent the tags youre looking for tremolo picking tribal tzadik unconventional valium and ecstasy wavves-182 weirdos world fusion yo got any benzos