Top 100 of 2008


15. Dez. 2008, 0:40

Hope you enjoy the list. Check out Scissor Shock and Robe. ...

1. Suishou No Fune - prayer for chibi
2. Thank You- terrible two
4. Extra Life- secular works
5. James Blackshaw- litany of echoes
6. Krallice- krallice
7. Fire On Fire- the orchard
8. Robbie Basho- bonn ist supreme
9. Stereolab- chemical chords
10. Kasai Allstars- in the 7th moon, the chief turned into a swimming fish and ate the head of his enemy by magic
11. Secret Chiefs 3- xaphan
12. Autistic Daughters- uneasy flowers
13. Fennesz- black sea
14. Collections of Colonies of Bees- birds
15. Dengue Fever- venus on earth
16. David Grubbs- an optimist notes the dusk
17. Sic Alps- u.s. ez
18. Christina Carter- original darkness
19. Marc Ribot- exercises in futility
20. Ponytail- ice cream spiritual
22. Farmer's Market- surfin ussr
23. Kayo Dot- blue lambency downward
24. Daemian Frost- spirito di daemo
25. phillip jeck- sand
26. Heroine Sheiks- journey to the end of the knife
27. Autechre- quarstice
28. Jim O'Rourke- long night
29. Zdzisław Piernik and Piotr Zabrodzki- namanga
30. Sunn O)))- domkirke
31. Zs- the hard
32. LSD March- nikutai no tubomi
33. Ocrillim- annwn
34. Oren Ambarchi- a final kiss on poisoned cheeks
35. Jack Rose- i do play rock and roll
36. Melvins- nude with boots
37. Kallsup- above the mountains
38. The Fall- imperial wax solvent
39. Jandek- myth of blue icicles
40. Experimental Dental School- jane doe loves me
41. Ryoji Ikeda- test pattern
42. The Hospitals- hairdryer peace
43. Hum Of The Druid- frozen tropics
44. Joe Grimm- brain cloud
45. LSD Pond- lsd pond
46. Women- women
47. Zach Hill- astrological straits
48. Squarepusher- just a souvenir
49. Brown Wing Overdrive- esp organism
50. Boris- smile
51. Harvey Milk- life
52. John Zorn- dreamers
53. Grouper- dragging a dead deer up a hill
54. The Residents- bunny boy
55. Vivian Girls- self-titled
56. John Adams- a flowering tree
57. Cheveu- s/t
58. The Goslings- occassion
59. Kazuki Tomokawa- blue water, red water
60. Birchville Cat Motel- gunpowder temple of heaven
61. Guapo- elixirs
62. Jimmy Cake- spectre and crown
63. Sun City Girls- brothers unconnected tour disc
64. Rhys Chatham- guitar trio is my life
65. Deerhoof- offend maggie
66. Fuck Buttons- street horrrsing
67. LSD and the Search for God- ep
68. Phantom Orchard- orra
69. Motorpsycho- little lucid moments
70. POLYSICS-we ate the machine
71. Burning Star Core- challenger
72. Eat Skull- sick to death
73. Shit And Shine- cherry
74. Bill Dixon- 17 musicians in search of a sound
75. Metallica- death magnetic
76. YMCK- family genesis
77. Legendary Pink Dots- plutonium blonde
78. Maps and Atlases- you and me and the mountain
79. Elf Power- in a cave
80. Excepter- debt dept
81. Earth- bees made honey in the mouths of lions
82. The Mae Shi- hlllly h
83. Crow Tongue- ghost eye seeker
84. SPARTA LOCALS- leecher
85. Grails- take refuge in clean living
86. Religious Knives- the door
87. Brethren of the Free Spirit- all things are from Him, through Him and in Him
88. Gang Gang Dance- saint dymphria
89. Sir Richard Bishop- knucklehead freefall
90. Islands- arms way
91. Red Krayola- fingerpointing
92. Growing- all the way
93. Don Caballero- punkgasm
94. Venetian Snares- detrimentalogist
95. Opeth- watershed
96. We Versus The Shark- dirty versions
97. Our Brother the Native- make amends, for we are merely vessels
98. Parenthetical Girls- entanglement
99. Joji Yuasa- music for experimental films
100. Flood- here we are in texts already written in the sky

Honourable mentions:
101. Alva Noto- unitxt
102. Lau Nau- nukkuu


  • lukewarmavenger

    awesome list, i don't know a lot of these bands but plan to check them out. what sites do you use to find out about new music?

    18. Dez. 2008, 1:13
  • Rotuhiiri

    I've only heard less than half of these, but I will check out some of the top albums since you obviously have taste. Nice!

    21. Dez. 2008, 0:23
  • anewfaceinhell

    dude this is an awesome fucking list.

    22. Dez. 2008, 1:45
  • sophteonal

    I haven't really been keeping up with new music lately...Thanks for making such a comprehensive list. Some stuff I've heard and a lot of stuff I want to hear/have been wanting to hear. It's very cool to see David Grubbs - An Optimist Notes The Dusk at #16- I thought it was an excellent album as well.

    28. Dez. 2008, 10:16
  • thrillcode

    thanks for the list, a lot of stuff i'm not familiar with on there

    4. Jan. 2009, 19:23
  • nostalghia_

    This is a good list. I will have to look into most of what is on here

    20. Jul. 2009, 10:31
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