Top 50 Albums of 2010


30. Dez. 2010, 12:08

50. Michael BubléCrazy Love (Hollywood Edition)
This is my first Michael Buble CD. I decided to give it a listen after hearing ‘Haven't Met You Yet’ which I really like. Well, he's got a fantastic voice, but some more originality would be nice!
Favorite Songs: Haven't Met You Yet, Hollywood, Georgia On My Mind

49. NovikaLovefinder
This year, polish singer Novika released her second solo album ‘Lovefinder’. It’s not as good as her debut CD ‘Tricks of Life’ but overall I really enjoyed it.
Favorite Songs: Daily Routines, Lovefinder

48. CiaraBasic Instinct
She is sexy, she is talented and so on, but there’s something wrong with her music. It’s not the same Ciara as she used to be. I must say I prefer ‘The Evolution’and ‘Goodies’to it. I need another ‘Like a Boy’ or ‘Promise’.
Favorite Songs: Turn it Up (feat. Usher) & Speechless

47. MorcheebaBlood Like Lemonade
‘Blood Like Lemonade’ is the seventh studio album by this british band and it’s nice to see that they are still able to maintain a level of high quality. I really like their chillout/lounge sound.
Favorite Songs: Even Though, Easier Said Than Done

46. Betty SteelesI Am Betty Steeles
Betty is one of the many artists that I've discovered in 2010. Her music is arguably easier to define and is in essence ‘friendly pop’ comprising of songs that approach without fear, prejudice or pretense. Early comparisons have seen Betty likened to artists such as Jack Johnson, Sia, early Bjork and even the more random accessible moments of Coco Rosie. Nice girl, nice album.
Favorite Songs: Bus Boy, Hit'n'Ride, The lovliest

45. Amanda JenssenHappyland
I didn't know much about Amanda before this year, only her ‘Amarula Tree’. But now I see that all of her songs are fun & original.
Favorite Songs: Charlie, Morning Light, Save Me For A Day

44. UsherVersus
It sounds a lot like ‘Raymond v Raymond Part II’, but full length cd is better. However, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love rocks!
Favorite Songs: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, Lay You Down

43. Travie McCoyLazarus
It is a decent album, but honestly, I was expecting the other songs to be as good as the ‘Billionaire’. Need You & We'll Be Alright are decent, though.
Favorite Songs: Billionaire, Need You

42. Keyshia ColeCalling All Hearts
Overall it’s a good album but definitely not Keyshia’s best.
Favorite Songs: Long Way Down, If I Fall In Love Again

41. Macy GrayThe Sellout
People either like Macy Gray or they don't. I like, so I was glad to see Macy put a new album out, her voice is still amazing as ever.
Favorite Songs: On & On, Help Me

40. Alain ClarkColorblind
Alain is a dutch musician and producer who released his 3rd studio album Colorblind on May 28, 2010. Get this album and have some fun!
Favorite Songs: For Freedom, Good Days

39. FaithlessThe Dance
Overall, it took me a while to enjoy this CD. It’s very consistent, but there is no real standouts like Miss U Less, See U More, Muhammad Ali or Fatty Boo. I like trip-hop side of Faithless more than their dance side.
Favorite Songs: North Star (feat. Dido), Crazy Bal'Heads (feat. Johnny 'Itch' Fox)

38. Janelle MonáeThe ArchAndroid
Musically this is a very different and experimental album. Janelle is unique, soulful, deep and innovative. Maybe that’s why ‘The ArchAndroid’ wasn’t commercially successful, but critically acclaimed.
Favorite Songs: Faster, 57821, Oh Maker

37. Kenny GHeart And Soul
Multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning recording artist Kenny G, returns with his 13th(!) studio album. Great way to relax with a cup of coffee or tea, listening to this CD.
Favorite Songs: Fall Again (feat. Robin Thicke), Heart and Soul

36. Regina SpektorLive in London
I had first heard about Regina some months ago thanks to "Us" and "Hero" which are both featured on the soundtrack for the film (500) Days Of Summer. Well, she got my attention and since then I have listened all of her albums, and was very pleased with this live perfomance.
Favorite Songs: Après Moi, Sailor Song, Blue Lips

35. Maroon 5Hands All Over
First of all, that is one of the most amazing album covers of this year! Back to music – their albums are okay, but they really have some good singles, this CD is not an exception. Oh, and I do love their acoustic songs much more than original versions.
Favorite Songs: Misery (Acoustic), If I Ain't Got You (Live), No Curtain Call

34. Olly MursOlly Murs
Well, he sounds a lot like Jason Mraz to me, maybe that’s why I think that this is a very good debut album from Olly. Really catchy songs that makes you smile all the way through it.
Favorite Songs: Please Don't Let Me Go, Love Shine Down, A Million More Years

33. ZazZaz
Zaz is a French pop singer with a Gypsy jazz style who made her chart-topping eponymous album debut in 2010. French music is my passion, so don't be surprised to see more french albums later.
Favorite Songs: Je veux, Le long de la route

32. UsherRaymond v Raymond
I have been a fan of Usher from 2001. When I heard Papers for the first time I thought this album would be like Confessions, but now I can say it's not, though it's better than Here I Stand. Some songs are cool but there are some that he should have left off.
Favorite Songs: Papers, OMG, There Goes My Baby

31. Keri HilsonNo Boys Allowed
I am very impressed with Keri’s sophomore album, I even think I like it more than ‘In a Perfect World…’. I still don’t understand why she didn’t released ‘Lose Control’ as a lead single, cause this song is hot!
Favorite Songs: Lose Control, All the Boys, Pretty Girl Rock (feat. Kanye West)

30. Linkin ParkA Thousand Suns
Well, I'm a huge Linkin Park fan, and I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed with this album. Nearly half of the tracks are instrumental or vocal interludes. I'm feeling some of it, some of it not so much. I miss their old music style from Meteora & Hybrid Theory.
Favorite Songs: Blackout, The Catalyst, Waiting For The End

29. Angus & Julia StoneDown the Way
If you like beautiful crafted two-voice songs then this is ‘must have’ album for you. The acoustic guitar, mellifluous voices, beautiful lyrics can touch you deep inside.
Favorite Songs: Big Jet Plane, Draw Your Swords, I'm Not Yours

28. DrakeThank Me Later
I am not the biggest rap/hip hop fan but there are some artist that I enjoy and listen to them pretty often. Drake one of them. Great debut for 24-year-old canadian artist.
Favorite Songs: Over, Find Your Love, Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)

27. Christina AguileraBionic
The main problem with "Bionic" is that there's really two albums here: 1 – bad/nasty X-tina with songs like Desnudate & I Hate Boys, 2 – beautiful/sophisticated Christina with songs like I Am, You Lost Me and Lift Me Up. The second one is miles better.
Favorite Songs: Stronger Than Ever, You Lost Me, Monday Morning

26. Craig DavidSigned Sealed Delivered
Signed Sealed Delivered is David's fifth studio album. It consists primarily of covers, the only exception is the album's last track "This Could Be Love". The first half of the album is excellent but it really falls after that. On the positive side – his voice is still here.
Favorite Songs: All Alone Tonight (Stop, Look, Listen), I Wonder Why, One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)

25. EminemRecovery
I didn’t like this album too much at first, but I listened to the whole thing a couple times, and it grew on me. Overall, Eminem is back.
Favorite Songs: So Bad, Talkin' 2 Myself (feat. Kobe), Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna)

24. BeyoncéI Am... World Tour
Beyoncé is truly the best at what she does, and her live CD’s are as good as studio’s. She can sing, she can dance, she can sing and dance at the same time. The music is great and the new arrangements to some of the songs work beautifully. I’m so glad she added Listen to this album.
Favorite Songs: Broken-Hearted Girl, Listen, Hello

23. B.o.BB.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothin' on youuuu! This line can by my ‘Line of the Year’, but that’s all about Bruno. Back to Bobby – a good CD with a few standout tracks, it didn't hit me as hard as some other hip-hop albums.
Favorite Songs: Nothin' on You (feat. Bruno Mars), Airplanes Part II, Letters From Vietnam

22. Joshua RadinThe Rock and the Tide
This is a good third album, and yes, it's definitely a new sound for Joshua. But he didn't disappoint me, I love all the old songs with their mellow style, but the new up-beat songs are great too.
Favorite Songs: Here We Go, The Ones With The Light, Streetlight

21. SadeSoldier of Love
Finally, another release by Sade. I mean it’s kinda too long to take 8 years between albums, right? I have always enjoyed Sade's music and she sounds as good as ever. I just hope she doesn't wait another 8 years to release her next album.
Favorite Songs: The Moon And The Sky, Soldier Of Love, In Another Time, Skin

20. Toni BraxtonPulse
There is no doubt that Toni is back to making great songs again. This album has a nice balance of everything we love about Toni – beautiful slow jam’s, hip-hop vibes and catchy up-tempo songs. Toni proves once again that she is here to stay even with all the competition around.
Favorite Songs: Hands Tied, Yesterday, Pulse

19. Smolik4
Smolik – is a Polish musician, composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Now, he is back with his fourth studio – ‘4’, and I must say he has created another masterpiece CD. ‘4’ is full of downtempo & chillout music, which makes you fly somewhere far away from your worries and problems.
Favorite Songs: Piratsong, Forget Me Not, Fades Away

18. Groove ArmadaBlack Light
I always liked ‘My Friend’ but didn't pay attention to Armada’s albums. But this time I decided to give ‘Black Light’ a chance, and wasn’t disappointed. I think it’s a good tribute to the 80's with an elegant style. It would be interesting to see what they will do for the next album.
Favorite Songs: History, Paper Romance, Look Me In The Eye Sister

17. RihannaLoud
This is definitely a step from her Rated R album. The only question is ‘step up, or step down?’. Some songs sounds very annoying, like Raining Men, but some are just flawless like my absolutely favorite song on the album – "Man Down", she should do more reggae songs like this and Dem Haters. Overall I like Rated R more, but I still can enjoy ‘happy’ Rihanna’s songs.
Favorite Songs: Man Down, S&M, What’s My Name? (feat. Drake)

16. John MamannMister Joe
John Mamann is a French pop/soul singer, and ‘Misrer Joe’ is his debut album. I don't even speak French but I looove this CD. It's full of french charm & fresh rhythms, it’s invigorating and intriguing. I really love to hear the French language spoken. It just sounds so sweet and sexy.
Favorite Songs: Al Pacino, Pas Jaloux, On est tous comme ca

15. Jason MrazLife Is Good
I have been a Jason fan for a 2 years and I never get tired of listening to his music. But I must admit that Jason is one of a few artists whose live CD’s are better than the studio recordings. His songs sounds simple, and yet each one of them can reach so deep. This is a must-have album for Jason Mraz fans. The only problem about ‘Life is Good’ is it’s size. Just 5 songs, so it can’t be higher than #15. Another full album would be nice!
Favorite Songs: All

14. NabihaCracks
You probably never heard about Nabiha, but she is a new danish singer, who has garnered international attention for her 1st single “Deep Sleep”, a largely English-language song with a retro pop sound and a strong hook about just wanting to sleep. Cracks is POPest album of the year for me, but she sounds very unique, maybe because of her north-west African roots. Btw, as far as I know she has been an opening act for Jamie Cullum on his last tour.
Favorite Songs: Midnight Blues, You, The Enemy

13. Natasha BedingfieldStrip Me
"I gotta pocket, gotta pocketful of sunshine" is a good way to describe this album, not only her US edition of ‘N.B.’. Now she is back with a very strong album, which includes "Less is More" acoustic versions of some of the songs. Too bad that nowadays this kind of music is not popular anymore! Hello people, she is a great singer with fabulous energy.
Favorite Songs: Strip Me, No Mozart, Less is More Versions

12. James BluntSome Kind of Trouble
After waiting years for a new album I was a little disappointed by this release. Don’t get me wrong – I like this side of James, the songs are all catchy and well written and there are many more happy tunes on this CD, but his songs like ‘No Bravery’ or ‘Same Mistake’ are from another league. I hope he will return to this style in the future.
Favorite Songs: These Are the Words, No Tears, If Time Is All I Have

11. Plan BThe Defamation of Strickland Banks
I had never heard of Plan B until I decided to check out a couple of songs on Youtube. So, with the 2 amazing singles released to launch the album, I had no doubt that this would be a good album. A great mix of soul and a bit of rap, and it all tells a story. Great songs, lyrically, musically and vocally.
Favorite Songs: She Said, Prayin', Love Goes Down, I Know a Song

10. SiaWe Are Born
I was introduced to Sia Furler by my friend early this year with her infamous album ‘Some People Have Real Problems’. Oh Gosh, I loved every single song on this album. Then, I listened to ‘Colour the Small One’ and Zero 7’s albums. So ‘We Are Born’ was one of my most anticipated releases of 2010. This record is in general more upbeat, a contrast to previous works which were generally described as ‘chillout’ & ‘down-tempo’, and there is only one ballad here. But still Sia never ceases to amaze!
Favorite Songs: Clap Your Hands, Bring Night, Im In Here

9. Corinne Bailey RaeThe Sea
‘The Sea’ was produced after the death of her husband, and of course this album has a different sound from her debut CD – you can hear the pain & sadness in her beautiful voice. But I am happy that she has decided to make more music and didn't disappear. Real fans of Corinne should be grateful for what she has given us here, it's beautiful, it’s deep, it's heartbreaking. And if you don’t like it go and listen to it again and again.
Favorite Songs: Paris Nights/New York Mornings, Closer, I'd Do It All Again, Paper Dolls

8. Trey SongzPassion, Pain & Pleasure
I wasn't a Trey Songz fan until this release, but since R&B & Soul are my favorite music genres, he won over me with ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’. He hasn't reached Usher or Ne-Yo status in my opinion, but he is definitely growing as an artist and maybe someday he can reach it. This album is definitely one of the best R&B albums of 2010
Favorite Songs: Can't Be Friends, Bottoms Up, Doorbell, You Just Need Me, Love Faces

7. Christophe MaéOn trace la route
Christophe’s 2nd studio album, On trace la route, was released on March 20, 2010 and it's already certified Diamond! I must say this CD is better then his gorgeous debut ‘Mon paradis’! The songs are still soulful and true to his unique pop/acoustic style but the album overall is much more consistant. If you are a hopeless romantic like me and you know nothing about french language, I know you will enjoy this CD. :) People of all ages can enjoy this kind of music. And I think he is now my favorite french musician, cause his music always puts me in a great mood.
Favorite Songs: J'ai laissé, Pourquoi c’est beau..., Manon, Je me lâche

6. Jazmine SullivanLove Me Back
Jasmine has done it again! I love her first album and I'm in love with Love Me Back too! She has a unique voice and she uses it to the full, that’s why her music sounds so good. It’s a great sophomore release with a good variety – I love the old school hip-hop feel, the 80's type R&B, and the songs are consistently good. She is real singer, soulful, melodious, you can feel it in every song on this album. The best R&B/Soul album of the year.
Favorite Songs: Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles), 10 Seconds, U Get On My Nerves, Excuse Me

5. Bruno MarsDoo-Wops & Hooligans
It was B.O.B's huge hit ‘Nothin' On You’ where we heard Bruno Mars for the very first time. As a singer, Bruno began his performing career in 2009, by the Far East Movement's second album ‘Animal’. He released his first EP "It's better If You Don't Understand" in May 2010. Just two months later, Mars released the 1st single ‘Just The Way You Are’ from his debut album, ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’. Honestly i didn’t expect that this album would be such a great album because I didn’t like ‘Just The Way You Are’ back in time. But it has grown on me very fast and I fell in love with Doo-Wops. The only downside I found was that the CD only has 10 songs. I really would have enjoyed to hear 3 or 4 more, for example ‘Killa On The Run’ or ‘Today My Life Begins’. Award for Best Newcomer.
Favorite Songs: Grenade, Runaway Baby, Liquor Store Blues, Just The Way You Are

4. KelisFlesh Tone
I've been a fan of Kelis since her first album ‘Kaleisdoscope’, and I have loved each and every album she has done so far. 'Flesh Tone' is a different direction and sound for Kelis and I absolutely love this album! Every song has a beat you can dance to, and Every track sounds fantastic on its own,. There may only be 9 tracks on the album, but if you push the button ‘repeat’, the problem will be solved. Welcome to the 22nd century, guys! The best dance/house album of the year.
Favorite Songs: 4th of July (Fireworks), Brave, Emancipate, Intro, 22nd Century

3. Justin NozukaYou I Wind Land And Sea
I have been waiting for this album to be released since I first heard ‘Holly’ 2 years ago. It was an excellent, full of emotions album. Without doubt you will not hear many more better CD's than Holly. And maybe my expectations were too high after this truly superb debut, so I was a tad disappointed on my first listen to ‘You I Wind Land And Sea’. But, man, then I recognized that this album is absolutely gorgeous, outstanding, breathtaking. He has a unique voice and style, his songs and lyrics are amazing and to think he is still only 22!! This guy has got a wonderful future ahead of him.
Favorite Songs: Woman Put Your Weapon Down, Swan In the Water, Heartless, Souless Man, Carried You

2. Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
I'm not normally a huge Kanye West fan but the musical side of this album was a great suprise. I can't believe just how good this album is. I can put the CD on and listen to it right through without the urge to skip a single track – the album is strong from begining to end. Every song can stand on it's own, but together they are something else... Of all Kanye's albums, the music and lyrics on this one are most impressive. A few G.O.O.D Fridays tracks should have made it on there, but overall one of the best albums of 2010.
Favorite Songs: Runaway, Hell Of A Life, Blame Game, Lost In the World, All of the Lights

1. Sara BareillesKaleidoscope Heart
Here it is, my #1 album of 2010: Sara’s sophomore album – Kaleidoscope Heart. Well, I am a huge fan of her first album, Little Voice. It has been a staple on my iPod since its release, and I didn't dare to hope that Sara could top it. But you know, now I can say that Kaleidoscope Heart is a better, more refined record than Little Voice was. Once you hear these songs you cannot get them out of your head. Anyone familiar with the music of Sara Bareilles knows to expect catchy piano, clever & vivid lyrics, flawless & emotive vocals. Bareilles has crafted a lovely album of vocal perfection, lyrical wit, and piano-based creativity that sounds like no one else. The fact that she managed to improve upon a remarkable first album makes Sara Bareilles an artist with true staying power. Give this one a try if you haven't already.
Favorite Songs: Let the Rain, King Of Anything, The Light, Uncharted, Machine Gun, Not Alone, Hold My Heart


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