• New Album: ZAIZHONGGUO

    16. Aug. 2012, 18:45

    I made a new album:

    its called Zaizhongguo.

    Spawned by improptu field recording sessions during a trip to China in 2010.

    These songs are a byproduct of intense examination of syntax, proxemics and recursion.... more importantly feedback loops in various physical forms.

    The mixing was an experiment in itself based on ideas from 'The Hidden Dimension' by Edward T. Hall, specifically in the dynamic use of space to affect emotion. The overall sound was an attempt to relate the claustrophobic space-bubbles one exists in while traveling through an Asian megalopolis.
    released 14 August 2012
    Tracks , 3, 9 recorded in Beijing
    Tracks 6, 12 recorded at SIAS University & Zhengzhou
    All other tracks recorded in Tempe, AZ
    SH010 --
  • Setlist

    31. Mär. 2008, 1:45

    Sat 29 Mar – house party
    [alternative tuning]
    -Und Wir Sagen
    -The Whale and The Well
    -The White Lady
    -Noise Jam]/ part of "Lennon"
    -Not Waving But Drowning
    -Louisiana Tape Delay
  • Blew my mind out

    21. Feb. 2008, 8:56

    Wed 20 Feb – Liars, No Age
    This show seriously blew my mind out. I felt No Age was kind of out of place but Liars seriously put on one of the most intriguing shows I have ever seen. I completely was hypnotized and actually stayed put through out the whole show (rare occurance for me). Really good sound, good performance, all in all im happy i went.