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M-ClanSopa fría 6. Jul., 10:06
M-ClanFilosofía Barata 6. Jul., 10:02
M-ClanPara decirte adiós 6. Jul., 9:54
M-ClanCalle Sin Luz 6. Jul., 9:50
M-ClanPara No Ver El Final 6. Jul., 9:41
FortuSolo en el Camino 4. Jul., 18:19
FortuComo el Viento Limpia una Ciudad 4. Jul., 18:01
FortuNunca 4. Jul., 17:56
FortuTras Sus Huellas 4. Jul., 17:52
AvalanchLa Cara Oculta de la Luna 4. Jul., 11:11
AvalanchLa Cara Oculta de la Luna 3. Jul., 18:40
AvalanchAlborada 3. Jul., 18:37
AvalanchCaminar Sobre el Agua 3. Jul., 18:31
AvalanchAprendiendo a Perder 3. Jul., 18:25
AvalanchOtra Vida 3. Jul., 18:19
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Like metal music, no matter the style, although I tend more than anything for the genre of doom and gothic. Needless to say, because it is obvious that I move to the dark side of life, the darkness that makes us dual, good and bad, and quite the opposite, not being subject to anything with the established order. Respect to all who took the first step, so I realize that without people or groups such as Elvis, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and etc, there would be far nothing, or everything may be different . I'm not satanic, but I feel sympathy from the other side, to the other doors, the dark, beyond. I do not profess any relegion other than my own, and while I respect anyone who says he lit some light, I wonder every day if you really know if the Cross means salvation.For me, the only church, synagogue, mosque, etc, that illuminates is the burning. I have no fear of going to Hell, I am totally convinced that we are already there.

I'd like to meet new people, Doesn't matter race, religion, weight, height, style, status... all these things don't mean anything for me because I'm sure the most important thing is what you have in your heart, so if your heart is love you will be love. I hate fake people, so if you are one of them you're never gonna be welcome here.

They say that among all the creations on earth, man, is the only one that drinks with out thirst, eats without hunger and speaks with nothing to say. That's why is better to expand the soul, than to simp.y focus on adorning it. When man spit on the ground, they spit on themselves.

Only the dimmest lights can be seen in the deepest darkness; that why I wait here, I will always know where the exit is no matter how small.

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