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Über mich

Abracadabras are five bright, young, Kansas City natives well versed in an array of different musical genres art backgrounds. From one song to the next the listener will find something new and fresh and yet reassuringly familiar. You would think that a young band tackling everything from New York Garage Rock, to Brit Pop, to Psychedelia, to Americana Folk would be a jarring and confusing wreck. But, you soon realize this group is wise beyond their classic rock record collection and can back up their grand ambitions. The foundation of all this schizophrenic craziness is its unmistakeable songwriting led by pop wizards John Nixon and Collin Rausch. Who seem destined and determined to follow in the footsteps of the great songwriting tandems before them.

John Nixon on Abracadabras songwriting:

"Collin and I approach every song as an opportunity to express something new and different from the last. All the guys feel the responsibility to give each tune its own identity or color. So that its part is as interesting and exciting examined on its own individual merit, but its otherworldly when measured on a whole. Like each one is its own planet. And our galaxy is the record we're creating."

The Abracadabras are scheduled to record their first full length record this fall entitled, "Be Still, Be Cool". Its release is expected early 2008.