noelle princess of darkness, 19, Weiblich, Deutschland
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Hate ForestElder Race 21. Mai. 2008
Limp BizkitFaith 21. Mai. 2008
Dark LotusShe Was 21. Mai. 2008
Iron MaidenRun to the Hills 21. Mai. 2008
AC/DCHighway to Hell 21. Mai. 2008
DioHoly Diver 21. Mai. 2008
Veruca SaltVolcano Girls 19. Mai. 2008
Limp BizkitFaith 19. Mai. 2008
Hayley WestenraPokarekare Ana 19. Mai. 2008
Rob ZombieDragula 19. Mai. 2008
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Über mich

3 main things in my life, music, art, friends.
Insane Clown Posse-i have all of there cds, and know all of the cards,
and every thing else that goes along with it
Slipknot-there my therapy when i need it,i want sids masks,i relate to him and clown

i love to be creative and draw,i try my hardest on every thing that i draw,and i draw all sorts of gory things, i draw icp, slipknot cartoons, disturbing images

i love to meet new people, my friends mean the whole world to me, if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be alive today,and they have made me for who i am today, and i give my heart out to them.

i lov you hoe!!!!!
dont fuck wit her er else you will face the consequence