• Audioslave - Revelations

    29. Sep. 2006, 13:47

    Audioslave's new album is destined to be a classic. Rife with great lyrics, Tom Morello's wonderful riffs and eclectic guitar solos, and a whole lot of groove, Revelations has a lot to offer to both old and new fans alike.
    The band's 3rd offering runs much in the same arena-rock vein as the previous two, but shows some added maturity in the songwriting, especially noted on the track Revelations. The riffs are just as bouncy as before, if not even more so. Other notable tracks include Moth, Wide Awake, and Broken City.
    More info: Audioslave / Revelations
  • Pearl Jam - VS

    14. Jan. 2006, 18:51

    What can I say? I'm hooked! Rearview Mirror is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time, and its off one of their finest albums, VS. This is true grunge. You can really hear the energy in everyone's playing, and Vedder's vocals are so emotive, while also displaying a stiff-upper-lip characteristic at the same time. Give them a listen!