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Über mich

(before you read this, this was written in 2007 aprox, sooo ooold)
well, i'm a tipical guy who likes listen music and why not? make music, my english is too bad but i wanna improve it 'cause is very funny for me speak o write in english xD, whatever i don't know why i'm write this, but if you're reading this is because you're interested for my "life" xd

I play Guitar for 3 years aprox. i not the best but i know something about to compose music, i prefer theory than practise although is very important you know... I trying to learning play keyboards but is very difficult, anyway if i can i will learning play all musical instruments, i'm in a "band" which name is "The AsdF Trememn" ' cause is for my school, but i'm searching new sounds and new experience in teh music, i wanna make new music mixing genres and styles something more experimental you know, i'm on the way :D

my favorites bands, the most of them, are very very very older for example Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Who, and many others. But Also I Listen Contemporary bands as a Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, and others.

Finally my short review i can say i like preferably Progresive Rock but also i listen others trends you know, some thrash metal, some glam rock, and blues, whatever i hope you read this pile of letters without sense and i guess i must say good bye that's why i say

Good bye!


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Motörhead - Iron Horse/Born to Lose
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Ayreon - River of Time
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Pink Floyd - Daybreak
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Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall. part 2
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Los Tres - Un Amor Violento
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Los Tres - Déjate Caer
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