· 5 Really Great Songs II ·


10. Feb. 2006, 22:05

Again it's me with 5 great songs I'd like to recommend:

· Murder on My Mind ·
My favorite song from their new album Rock & Roll Is Dead. Just listened to it and I think it's worth mentioning :)

· Closure ·
A very calm and kind of thoughtful song with some acoustic guitars and great unusual vocals

· Computer God ·
I recently discovered this song. I immediately liked it after hearing it for the first time, so just give it a try ;)
I especially like the beginning, awesome riffs :)

· Suicide Messiah ·
Ok, not too far away from the last song :)
I stumbled across this a while ago on Winamp Music.. pretty cool song!

· El Sol ·
Now for one of my all-time favorite tracks..
I often heard people complaining about Zwan, but I don't understand it at all. I think they're great and in contrast to The Smashing Pumpkins they have a very warm and bright atmosphere. Great to listen to in winter and dream of warm summer evenings.. :)
This songs represents that atmosphere quite good I think..

So, that's it for this time.. Before writing this down I wasn't sure if I would find 5 songs I want to recommend, now I could've made it 7 or 8.. Guess I will have to write another entry soon.. See ya ;)


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