Soundwave 2009


28. Feb. 2009, 9:08

Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09

The Riverboat Gamblers - 5/10
I don't know if it was just because they were the first band I saw and I wasn't in the mood yet, but wasn't feeling them. Although the lead singer was very energetic and it was entertaining to watch.

Ace Enders - 6/10
Never heard any of his stuff before, he has a really strong voice. Unfortunately some of the acoustic awesomeness was washed out by sound from stage 6 I think it was that was behind it.

Jack's Mannequin - 9/10
Amazing. Really enjoyed it, felt that the crowd was jumping out of time and to all the wrong songs but whatever, Andrew was simply amazing. And I was glad he took off his sunglasses, made it feel more personal.

Forever The Sickest Kids - 8/10
They were heaps fun, even had some hardcore dancing nuts at some stage. The kind of music you don't take to seriously but just enjoy it.

Underoath - 7/10
Disappointing, too much instumental interlude shit. God speech didn't bother me, thought it would go for longer seeing how much people in other states whined.

Anberlin - 5/10
Admitedly I wasn't watching too closely as I was hunting for a friend. But from what I could here they weren't half as good as I had expected them to be. Think maybe seeing them at the sideshow would have been a lot better.

Funeral For A Friend - 9/10
Been waiting to see them for so long, was on the barrier, awesome view. Also, they played This Years Most Open Heartbreak so I was one happy kid. (Y)

Chiodos - 11/10
They say that they're better live than on CD and heck yes were they ever. Was so getting into this, thought the girls at the front barrier who knew NO lyrics and were just standing there staring should have GTFO. Perhaps I should ahve been in the mosh for that one, but who wants to mosh when you can stare at Craig Owens?

Say Anything - 10/10
Played so well when they finished I was like "HEY! come back..." It didn't feel liked they'd played 8 odd songs. Crowd was so adamant for "one more song" Max came on and played 2 more acoustic ones. Can't be faulted they were really awesome. Really got into it ws dancing along like a spastic.

I Am The Avalanche - 10/10
Such a small crowd but I was totally into it. New songs were really great, old stuff was awesome to sing to. Sound amazing live, really stong vocals just like on the CD. Hope they come back soon.

HORSE the band - 2/10
Yeah, not my thing. Left to pee seeing there was no lines for toilets anymore, get bandaids for my blistered feet and souce out some IATA merch, but they didn't have my size.


  • Cobwebs_

    I agree with your Chiodos review. They sounded SO much better then on their cd's. And trust me, you didn't want to be in the mosh. Their was no mosh, it was just annoying with silly girls getting pulled out all the time and kept blocking Craig from my view. :/ But nevertheless, that guy seriously owns.

    1. Mär. 2009, 1:29
  • Nickpetersen

    Chiodos were great when i saw them at the sidewave, except craigs mic was down too low to hear :( then i went to see Billy Talent at sound. He tried to get the crowd into the show at the sidewave but it seemed they were all silly little peopl only there to see Anberlin...there was maybe 5 of us getting into the bands before anberlin 8-) rather pathetic

    1. Mär. 2009, 11:29
  • jburton88

    Agreed that Funeral For a Friend were absolutely amazing! This Years Most Open Heartbreak is their best song. Crowd was really energetic during their gig aswell, last time i saw them the crowd barely moved.

    25. Mai. 2009, 14:07
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