Zodiac Set List- Jan 29th 2010


30. Jan. 2010, 18:57

A quiet night at the Zodiac really, but by God some classic choons and a set I am quietly proud off...
1. Micheal Buble- Orange Coloured Sky (starts so slow and builds so well)
2. Bobby Darin- Always (Classic Bobby- a BIG track)
3. Cy Coleman- Playboys theme
I ALWAYS like to do a trio of classic divas of big band stuff in my sets, this evening I picked...
4. Jane Monheit - Taking a chance on love (jane is one of the best new singers around)
5. Sarah Vaughan- Make yourself comfortable
6. Ella Fitzgerald- Manhatten (timeless classic)
7. Eartha Kitt- Let's do it (such a funny version)
The trio over (OK, I did four), I decided to play some jazz for a change...
8. Dave Brubeck- Take Five
9. Duke Ellington- Caravan
10. Jack Costanzo and His Orchastra- Peter Gunn mambo
11. Sammy Davis Jr- Mr Bo Jangles (definitive recording imho)
12. Henry Mancini- Theme to the Pink Panther
13. Sarah Vaughan- Whatever Lola Wants (great song)
14. Frank Sinatra Jr- That Face
15. Judy Garland- Stompin' at the Savoy (great recording, done live)
16. Cab Calloway- Reefer man (such a dark song really)
17.Billie Holiday- A fine romance
Time for modern bug band versions of classic songs I felt...
18. Sting- Windmills of your mind
19. Micheal Buble- Feeling Good
20. Diana Krall- Straighten up and fly right (GREAT version of a classic song)
21. Sophie Milman- 50 ways to leave your lover (Along with Diana Krall one of the best two young female singers in the genre right now)
22. Paul Anka- Jump
23. Richard Cheese- Smells like teen spirit
24. Harry Connick Jr- It had to be you
25. Duke Ellington- Take the 'A' train
26. Glenn Miller & His Orchestra- Chatanooga Choo-choo
27. Dick Brave And The Backbeats- Get the party started
28. Brian Setzer- Jump Kive and Wail (been AGES since I played this one- great song)
29. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Hey Pachuco (clssic choon from The Mask)
30. Chet Baker- That old feeling (a FAST Chet Baker song- a rare thing)
31. Frank Sinatra- I've got you under my skin
32. Ray Charles- Our love is here to stay
33. Bobby Darin- Somewhere beyond the sea
34. Kate Capshaw- Anything Goes (in Mandarin- from the opening sequance of Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom- SO damn funny)
35. Ray Bolger and Judy Garland- if I only had a brain (classic from the Wizard of Oz)
36. Harry Belafonte- Day-O (the banana boat song)
37. Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world
(one of the best songs ever recorded)
38. Chet Baker- My funny valentine...

Good mix of songs that worked well together... really enjoyed it...


  • MazzieEowyn

    @37 - So that's how you spell his name... I agree with that comment.

    3. Feb. 2010, 11:05
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