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13. Aug. 2008, 22:42

You know I dreamed about you
For twenty-nine years before I saw you
You know I dreamed about you
I missed you for, for twenty-nine years

If I'm an island then your mind is off of me
If I'm an island then you're the darkest sea

I almost thought you stopped talking to me
Your call came like a wave of relief
I'm such a lucky mess
I just need some rest

And the night you came
You won me all and all
And the better part of everything
Was born to run

I'll make you mine
Keep you apart deep in my heart
Separate from the rest
Where I like you the best
And keep the things you forgot

Suddenly you spread from my hands
Far away you've drummed in my mind

'Cause I want you
It truly is that simple
But you want to go back
It makes my whole world
Crash down just feel so black

You may ask yourself
Is there anyone so alone?
But there's no beep before the dial-tone
When you pick it up to see who called
If there is, it's probably your mom

Shoot the best for a little love
It's all you're thinking of

I would dig a thousand holes
To lay next to you
I would dig a thousand more
If I needed to

Thought we were devoid
A change or two around this place
When they get back they're all mixed up
With no one to stay with

If I could be, I’d be someone better
Someone to kiss a little bit more
If I could draw, I’d draw you closer
Lock you inside, and shut the door

You're part time lover
And a full time friend

I will decide tomorrow after sunset
Your safety's intact
Will you be there to catch me if I'm falling?
You sneak through the back room door

Over and over again
I tried to be the one for you
More than anyone
More than anyone


1. Lennert
The National - Slow Show

2. Jasper
No Age - Ripped Knees

3. Lennert
Nada Surf - From Now On

4. DadaP
The Frames - Sad Songs

5. Lennert
Elliott Smith - Between the Bars

6. Lennert
Girls in Hawaii - Flavor

7. DadaP
Built to Spill - By the Way
oorspronkelijk van: Heavenly - By the Way

8. DadaP
Death Cab for Cutie - This Temporary Life

9. Lennert
Arquettes - Feehler

10. Jasper
Biffy Clyro - Machines

11. Jasper
Midlake - Roscoe

12. Lennert
Bunny - Leave

13. DadaP
The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You
Michael Cera & Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You

14. Lennert
Styrofoam - After Sunset

15. Lennert
Motek - Tryer


  • Lennertkop

    1. slow show- the national 5. between the bars - elliott smith 12. leave - bunny 14. after sunset - styrofoam

    13. Aug. 2008, 23:18
  • Lennertkop

    15. tryer- motek

    13. Aug. 2008, 23:18
  • Lennertkop

    3. from now on - nada surf

    13. Aug. 2008, 23:19
  • __SheBrokeAway

    Als ge zo doorgaat maggek morgen me ne nieuwen beginnen :) En alsek het zo is bekijk zijn er nog da ge weet denk ik. Ik had voor u nen aparte moeten maken, want das ier voor u veel te simpel!

    13. Aug. 2008, 23:23
  • Lennertkop

    9. Arquettes - Feehler

    14. Aug. 2008, 0:50
  • Lennertkop

    hehe kluister er zo net naar terwijl ik diene zin lees :) 6. Girls iN Hawaii - Flavor

    14. Aug. 2008, 0:56
  • __SheBrokeAway

    Nice, allebei juist.

    14. Aug. 2008, 8:21
  • KingJelle

    Ik herken 13, maar kom der maar is op.

    14. Aug. 2008, 11:22
  • The_poukieman

    2. No Age - Ripped Knees 10. Biffy Clyro - Machines (Kwist nie da ge naar die mannen luisterde) 11. Midlake - Roscoe

    15. Aug. 2008, 1:38
  • The_poukieman

    Trouwens fijn da ge da nog is doet, kmiste het al!

    15. Aug. 2008, 1:38
  • __SheBrokeAway

    Goeien bal jappe! Ik zal proberen om altijd zo snel mogelijk voor ne nieuwen te zorgen vanaf nu :)

    15. Aug. 2008, 9:16
  • dadaP

    13. Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else but You schande dat dit niet eerder werd geraden...

    15. Aug. 2008, 10:04
  • dadaP

    Oh en 7 dat is Heavenly - by the way

    15. Aug. 2008, 10:09
  • dadaP

    en 8 is DCfC met this temporary life en vier zijn ieren van the frames van sad songs

    15. Aug. 2008, 10:17
  • __SheBrokeAway

    Alle vier goed!

    15. Aug. 2008, 10:31
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