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Über mich

Rastafari teach I everything

Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

Babylon shall fall.

Weh just can't done, Rastafari we design tuff
If a the fight for freedom sign me up
Cause you Tell-Lie-Vision can't blind me up
Soldiers and police dem wising up, realizing they're no more right than us
Realizing there's no use fighting us
Realizing their opening their eyes to see the same demoralizing life as us

Ganja is di healing of di nation
Was found in King Solomon's garden
Ganja nuh make ya weak
It only makes your strong
Ganja - good for di meditation
Ganja - give you good a vibration
When you smell di essence a good sensation
It's smoked by di pastor and de dean
Dat means it smoked by all Christians
Every principal and teachers smoke it when it's strong
And every student dem have a spliff in a dem hand
Dat means - me have ganja hand
Have ganja foot, ganja meditation
We want ganja house, want ganja land, we want ganja car, want ganja van
Well righta now me say me want a ganja woman!

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Favourite band of recent months:

Favourite artist at this moment:

"Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a leaf."
Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Dem teach me to say "yes" and me still a say "no"
Dem tell mi fi stop and mi still go
Dem tell mi fi cut and me still grow - cah rastafari say so!

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