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Lydia LunchFrankie Teardrop 11. Sep., 23:27
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Diamanda GalásBaby's Insane 11. Sep., 23:12
Diamanda GalásIron Lady 11. Sep., 23:07
Trans Sex ClubLady Shave 11. Sep., 23:03
Brain LeisureLove Parasites (feat. Peter Rainman) 11. Sep., 22:56
Cruise [Ctrl]Los Niños del Parque 11. Sep., 22:51
The NormalWarm Leatherette 11. Sep., 22:46
Massive AttackBlack Milk 11. Sep., 22:39
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Über mich

An empty soul .
A heartful of love and devotion.
A mindful of tyranny and terror.

"It’s been a long time since I talked about certain things. So I don’t know any more—or I’m not sure. When I look at my life and its secret colors, I feel like bursting into tears. Like that sky. It’s rain and sun both, noon and midnight. I think of the lips I’ve kissed, and the wretched child I was, and of the madness of life and the ambition that sometimes carries me away. I’m all those things at once. I’m sure there are times when you wouldn’t even recognize me. Extreme in misery, excessive in happiness."

- Albert Camus