A Whole Lotta Albums I Love - Part 12: Sleep - "Dopesmoker"


17. Nov. 2007, 20:23



I’ve already written a journal about the enormous impact the soundtrack of the motion picture Broken Flowers had on me. As well as Mulatu Astatke and The Greenhornes, which I mentioned in that journal, the soundtrack also consists of a very abridged 4 minute version of this mammoth 1 hour song. Yes, this album consists of only one song (alright, there's a live version of Sonic Titan on it too, but it hardly counts). And while you beg for mercy, may I enhance your torment by adding that this single song is in no way as diverse, ever-changing and playful as Jethro Tull’s one-song-album Thick as a Brick? Oh no, this is repetitive, sludgy and apocalyptic as hell, and it never seems to come to an end. Somewhat like a quagmire you can’t get out of. It goes without saying that this album demands some patience to get through. I know it took some time for me to finally find time to listen to the whole thing.

Even so, if you approach this album open-mindedly and give it a chance, it is a truly unique experience. I’m no doom/stoner metal fan, but this has recently grown to be one of the records I cherish the most. Still, it’s an album that requires the listener to be in a special kind of mood. Tired. Perhaps a bit pissed. Careless. For those situations it’s perhaps the greatest thing you can listen to, while there are other moments it’s not fit for at all.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult albums on this list. It does take patience, a special kind of mood and an open mind. Try it with caution. You might just, like me, spot the wonders of this hour-long, ultraheavy, monotonous epic about the Bible mixed with, well, dopesmoking.

Best Track: Well, Dopesmoker obviously. You can even download it for free here on Last.fm! Go get it, you fool!
Highlight: Near the end, when it breaks down into the opening riff one last time.


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