Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart Lieblingslied 170
The ChameleonsLess Than Human Lieblingslied 124
M83Steve McQueen Lieblingslied 122
The SoundCounting the Days Lieblingslied 121
Pink FloydHigh Hopes Lieblingslied 120
M83Midnight City Lieblingslied 106
The CureJust Like Heaven Lieblingslied 105
TwilightningPlague-House Puppet Show Lieblingslied 105
Children of BodomChildren of Bodom Lieblingslied 102
Children of BodomHate Me! Lieblingslied 101
AnathemaAre You There? Lieblingslied 101
Porcupine TreeTrains Lieblingslied 97
The NationalMr. November Lieblingslied 96
The SoundMonument Lieblingslied 89
Joy DivisionDisorder Lieblingslied 86
Children of BodomEverytime I Die Lieblingslied 82
Brand NewJesus Christ Lieblingslied 82
CollegeA Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) Lieblingslied 82
InterpolA Time to Be So Small Lieblingslied 80
Akira YamaokaPromise Lieblingslied 79
Children of BodomYou're Better Off Dead! Lieblingslied 79
The SoundSkeletons Lieblingslied 79
TwilightningAt The Forge Lieblingslied 79
Children of BodomFollow the Reaper Lieblingslied 78
InterpolPDA Lieblingslied 77
Children of BodomDownfall Lieblingslied 76
InterpolLeif Erikson Lieblingslied 75
Joy DivisionShadowplay Lieblingslied 74
The SmithsSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others Lieblingslied 73
In FlamesEmbody the Invisible Lieblingslied 71
KeaneNothing in My Way Lieblingslied 71
CollegeThe Energy Story (feat. Minitel Rose) Lieblingslied 71
TwilightningGone To The Wall Lieblingslied 70
Children of BodomAngels Don't Kill Lieblingslied 69
The SoundGolden Soldiers Lieblingslied 69
Joy DivisionShe's Lost Control Lieblingslied 68
Joy DivisionNew Dawn Fades Lieblingslied 68
In FlamesColony Lieblingslied 68
In FlamesThe New World Lieblingslied 66
The SmithsThere Is a Light That Never Goes Out Lieblingslied 65
WintersunSleeping Stars Lieblingslied 63
Alice CooperPoison Lieblingslied 62
Nine Inch NailsCloser Lieblingslied 62
The ReplacementsHere Comes A Regular Lieblingslied 62
John MausHey Moon Lieblingslied 62
Alice in ChainsDown in a Hole Lieblingslied 61
The SoundThe Fire Lieblingslied 61
Children of BodomBodom After Midnight Lieblingslied 60
Little Nemoseconds (1990 version) (bonus track) Lieblingslied 60
TotoAfrica Lieblingslied 59