Best 10 albums of 2008 according to Zebratan. Oh Yeah!


2. Jul. 2009, 13:55

I finally got around to do this list well in to 2009, but hey, better late than never.
A little note: The list is compiled only from artists/albums I listened to during 2008...This ofcourse means that several albums don't make the list, because I got the albums after the 2009 deadline (this includes Damien Jurado:Caught In The Trees and Ben Folds:Way To Normal and more).

Samamidon: All Is Well
What can I say, this album is fantastic, there's not a weak song here and everything is damn close to perfect. Definitely a top 10 album within the last decade to boot.

Best 3 songs: All Is Well, Saro, WIld Bill Jones

American Music Club: The Golden Age
If asked at gunpoint which is my favoriteband of all time it would probably be AMC, and this album doesn't do much to change that fact. Actually this is one of their best efforts (not the best though) and by far the strongest of the two albums since their "come-back".

Best 3 songs: The Sleeping Beauty, Who You Are, The Dance

Laura Marling: Alas I Cannot Swim
Another close to perfect album, though a few weaker songs doesn't quite keep up (not weak, but weaker). As a hole the album strikes a great balance between energy and quiet. The sound draws heavily on classic folk/rock/pop qualities, but does it with an overall modern feel. I think this girl is gonna do great stuff in the future.

Best 3 songs: Cross Your Fingers, Ghosts, The Captain And Hourglass

Born Ruffians: Red Yellow And Blue
Oh, how I love this album. It's mad, uncontrollable and demanding as well as it is genius. I'm blown away by their generally willingness to take chances, like the often more than gutsy song structures, and their ability to get away with it.

Best 3 songs: Need A Life, Foxes Mate For Life, Hedonistic Me

Kings of Leon: Only by the Night
Everybody loves Kings of Leon. Perhaps that's not entirely true, some may start to feel a bit tired with them, and the overexposure of certain songs, by now, well hey, I may be one of them myself. Tired or not though, for me it doesn't change that this is a great album. In fact I think their getting better for every album they make. I'm actually fearing the mighty greatness of their next album if they continue this run. We are probably talking deadly amounts of greatness.

Best 3 songs: Sex On Fire, Manhattan, Notion

Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
Naked Beautiful and heartfelt like few in its best moments. I wanted say that this album also has its weaker moments, but after a recent revisit I'm not sure I would agree with such a statement.

Best 3 songs: Creature Fear, re: Stacks, Lump Sum

Kate Rusby: Awkward Annie
One of my favorite female vocalists and without a doubt the best contemporary folk-artist to me (don't know how contemporary she is actually. What does that even mean?). As on every album of hers, some of her songs blows me away, most notable on this album the title song which in my book was 2008 biggest "hit", and others kind of blends in with each other and doesn't leave much of an impression. Sometimes it all gets a little too quiet for my taste, but when she's great, she's great and she is more times than not on this album.

Best 3 songs: Awkward Annie, The Village Green Preservation Society, Blooming Heather

The Weepies: Hideaway
One of my favorite female vocalists...damn, didn't I just say that...still it's true...Deb Talan is also one of my favorite female vocalists. Hideaway is a great album, but not the Weepies best and I wish the guy would stop singing. He's not a bad singer, he's just not Deb Talan (Weird if he was though. Food for thought right there) and it all gets a little blah when he has the lead vocals. The album does still feature enough good songs to deserve this spot on the top 10 though...

Best 3 songs: All This Beauty, Antarctica, Takes So Long

The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead
It may lack the mind-blowing great songs that the rest of the combatants on the list has, but as an overall it's a solid great album. I love their take on combining "real" instruments and electronic elements.

Best 3 songs: Can't Say No, You Can Come To Me, Lately

South San Gabriel/Centro-matic: Dual Hawks
Will Johnsons ambitious double album effort takes the last spot on the list and without a doubt it could have been more if it had been one album only consisting only of the best songs of the two. Same old double album story it seems ...

Best 3 songs: Every Single Switch (Centro-matic), Twenty-Four (Centro-Matic), Trust To Lose (South San Gabriel)

Other great Albums that almost made the cut, and I could honestly say that every one of these actually deserves to be on the list, but there just isn't enough room. (especially Ron Sexsmith who I actually forgot)

Ron Sexsmith: Exit Strategy of The Soul
Shawn Smith: The Diamond Hand
Madrugada: Madrugada
Hayden: In Field & Town
The Dø: A Mouthful
Willard Grant Conspiracy: Pilgrim Road
Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid
Lykke Li: Youth Novel


  • impressmeworld

    Awesome list. Well done.

    6. Jul. 2009, 11:54
  • sil_mich

    Motivated list: Madrugada, Kings of Leon, Kate Rusby, Bon Iver, Willard Grant Conspiracy and Elbow I know. The rest is interesting enough to investigate.

    21. Nov. 2009, 22:50
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