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  • freeartistmusic

    Thank you for the add =)

    April 2013
  • lykegiants

    Hey from australia! thanks for checking out our tunes :D

    Juni 2011
  • pickseh

    If yer into Jack White, White Stripes or Black Keys check out this artist I found: be sure to listen to shoes n boots all the way thru..that heavy bluesy guitar is awesome when it kicks in! This is what its all about, discoverin unsigned talent n spreadin the word! oh n he just made 4 songs free to DL since we've all been posting to his shoutbox! top bloke. :)

    August 2007
  • DetectiveRunge

    Welcome, fellow Waits follower :D. You have quite a large track account there, you and I are not so diverse in music taste :].

    Juli 2006