• Complete 'i love bees' radio drama!

    25. Okt. 2012, 0:52

    Produced by 4orty2wo, ilovebees is a superb radio drama depicting the lives of a selection of teens and ex Spartans, in the time between Halo 1 and Halo 2.

    Thrilling and exciting, it will not disappoint!
    Here is my fully tagged, organized, and artwork plentiful release!

    MP3 V0

    Enjoy, and please pass it on!
  • Ragnarok Online Complete Soundtrack

    10. Jun. 2011, 0:35

    Artist: soundTeMP
    Album: Ragnarok Online Complete Soundtrack
    Published By: Lantis

    Download [MP3 320]: Here!
    Download [FLAC]: Here!

    This compilation of the music from Ragnarok Online, including some bonuses, isn't simply a collection of the songs like the other soundtracks. This one is a complete remaster and reexport. Every song has been exported in it's RAW format of WAV and placed on a CD. The difference in sound quality is ASTOUNDING! You will notice it regardless of your audiophile level! This collection was ripped to mp3 [320] & FLAC, straight from WAV. The difference between the 320 and FLAC is impossibly to detect unless you have some ridiculous equipment and perfect hearing. If you aren't an audiophile download the 320. (However, if you are planning on converting to another format download the FLAC in order to prevent the spread of transcoded media!)

    If you are a fan of this music, you WILL enjoy this!


    Edit: Please note that the tagging on a few songs are BAD and will not accurately reflect on!

    Please check the musicbrainz article for details on fixing the tags!

    Correct the following files:

    Mucho Gusto
    Wanna Be Free!!
    Theme of Lutie / Snow In My Heart
    Fear... (This is listed as Monk Zonk)

    Edit2: PLEASE go through incorrectly spelled songs in the soundTeMP plays and correct them to what they should be!