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28. Apr. 2012, 11:06

Johnny Main reviews...

DEF CON ONE - 'Warface' (Scarlet Records)
Release Date: 19th June 2012

Can you name five good things to come out of Newcastle Upon Tyne? AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson, Black Metal band Venom, Trillians Rock Club and the ubiquitous Newcastle Brown Ale are all I could think of until recently. Then when I heard the album from Geordie Metal band Def Con One they were added to my list too.

Following on from their five track EP released last year (titled simply 'Def Con One'), comes their debut full length album – twelve solid slabs of Metal, for those who like it hard and heavy. First up here is the relentless tones of 'Never Look Back', which contains some furious drumming courtesy of Antton Lant (yes, the very same Antton from Heavy Metal legends, Venom) as well as a killer riff from guitarist Johnny Hunter.

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Def Con One | Warface
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