wandering soul


29. Jun. 2006, 4:57

I decided to try and get away from things for a while. While I was doing so I decided to just listen to the songs that poped into my head at odd intervals. This is that list and my first playlist.

Wandering Soul playlist:
1. As Heaven Is Wide
2. Spooky
3. No Love
4. Mad World
5. Explode
6. He Watches Her From Behind
7. Tech Romance

Those were the songs that poped up the first day. Over the next few days a few more presented themselves so I made a second list.

Wandering Souls (Side B)
1. You May Die (Intro)
2. Really
3. We Never Change
4. Parkdale
5. Cup of Coffee
6. Speed of Sound
7. Snow Camping

So these playlists, having no real direction, can't be suggested to anyone specific but just everyone in general. It's a strange journey.

Imogen Heap
Erykah Baduh
Gary Jules
The Cardigans
Stina Nordenstam
Her Space Holiday
Nellie McKay
Laura Veirs


  • rodneythefish

    Someone who likes Metric AND Nellie?! *Is amazed and awed*

    1. Jul. 2006, 4:28
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