July 2008 - "More than the sum of its parts"


18. Jul. 2008, 11:54

Deephousemusic contains basicly of drums, bassline and several synthy-sounds.... Sounds boring, but this time it isn't.
'Cause when you mix it and blend it together like we did, it's even more than the sum of its parts..

It's just magic....

Deep but different

Download it directly from here:


Fred Everything and Lisa Shaw - "Here I Am (Shur I Kan Remix)"
Dulac - "Total Confusion"
Sunshine Jones - "If You Wouldn't Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix)"
Shur I Kan - "What's Going On"
Nacho Marco - "The Next Life (Timewriter Remix)"
Alexander Koning - "Basic Melody (Shur I Kan Remix)"
Subsky - "My Seraph (FunkD'Void Remix)"
Leigh Morgan - "Isle of Indigo" (Truehouse Track of the Month!)
Terry Lee Brown - "Delightful Encounter"
Risk Sound System - "THE SOUND IS YOURS"
No Logo - "Dark Star"
Barbara Tucker - "One Desire"
Mark Knight - "Shogun (Jimpster Remix)"

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