• How Mainstream am I? (Bandwagon, meet Xylona)

    14. Sep. 2006, 2:02

    Copy pasting skills!
    Go through your top 10 artists and add up the total number of listeners. Divide that number by 10; this is the average number of listeners for your top ten. Now divide the average by the number of Radiohead fans (Radiohead is the artists with the most listeners). Multiply the result by 100--that is your "mainstream percentage".

    Silentium - 2,560
    Regicide - 988
    Beseech - 4,878
    Aina - 6,141
    Epica - 11,919
    Ayreon - 26,911
    Avantasia - 20,416
    The 69 Eyes - 29,433
    Xandria - 6,057
    Poets of the Fall - 18,539
    = 127,842/10 = 12784.2
    Radiohead = 358,658 (holy shit O.O)
    12784.2/358,658 = .0356 x 100 = I'm 3.5% mainstream. HURRAY. :D
  • The Music Interpretation Game!

    16. Jul. 2006, 19:34

    If everyone else jumped off a bridge, YES I WOULD JUMP TOO. I give in to peer pressure.
    Put the playlist on random. Make up questions. The songs that pop up answer the questions. You know the rules, now here are my results.

    1. What’s my mood?
    Lonely Voices. So apparently I’m lonely and depressed. Not good.

    2. How is my love life?
    Another Me In Lack’ech. OMG. So apparently I don’t care about my boyfriend, and only my own dreams. “I just take care of myself and no-one else.” What’s up with all this depression. Le sigh.

    3. How does tomorrow look?
    Behind His Eyes. Wow, two Regicides songs. So apparently I’m going to ramble to someone about my life tomorrow, and get lost in my dreams.

    4. What kind of person am I?
    Victory. I always strive to be the best? Merf. I guess so.

    5. Where am I going in life?
    The Light. Somewhere good, apparently

    6. What’s my worst trait?
    Memories. I bring up the past too often. How true. Always get yelled at by my boyfriend for that one. 

    7. What’s my best trait?
    Gotta knock a little harder. Well, apparently I never let anyone in? I’m never happy? Maybe its that I can realize when I (or someone else) is unhappy and try to fix it? That sounds a lot better. xD

    8. How will my future look?
    Forgotten Promises. Almost 500 songs on my playlist and third time Regicide comes up. Conspiracy? So apparently I’ll forget all my promises and become weak. Hmph. This is what I get for having a playlist consisting of almost all gothic metal.

    9. What is the meaning of my life?
    Rider of the Astral Fire. Apparently I’m going to save the world from an oncoming comet which will ultimately destroy the planet. Score!

    10. What is my motivation in life?
    Framed in Blood. Finding my happiness and desires. Finding a reason to live.

    11. What will happen later on this week?
    Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness. Erm. Maybe I’ll be fulfilling my prophecy, haha. (see: 9) Damn, I didn’t think I’d have to act on that prophecy so soon.

    12. How much success will I achieve?
    Between Love and Pain. So apparently I’ll have a guy really in love with me. So I’ll be successful in love, at least. 

    13. Will I always follow my heart?
    Chainsaw Buffet. OMG. Apparently I’m going to have my heart ripped out and eaten, so perhaps that’s a sign that I won’t…

    14. Will I always be loved?
    Day 16: Loser. I’m hurt. And I smell contradiction, since number 12 said I’d find love. Well, maybe I won’t be loved by my family, but I will be by my boyfriend.

    15. What will I be doing in a year?
    Sons of Riddermark. Starring in my own Lord of the Rings movie? Sweet. Here I am Orlando Bloom! Or maybe I’ll just have to get through a tough struggle in life, because I am moving in with my boyfriend soon.

    16. What is my soul-mate like?
    March of the Swordmaster. A man with a big sword? (Cloud?!) Maybe he just always pushes through and tries to do better than everyone else. (Even if it means killing them?!) Perhaps, he’s even a leader. And also a fulfiller of a prophecy. We’re destined to be together. Squee.

    17. What is he doing right now?
    What Is Life?. Singing prog Christian rock! Or pondering the meaning of life and his future. Also, another love song. Maybe thinking of me?

    18. How will I die?
    Path of Glory. Awesome. At least I’ll die trying to fulfill something and achieving glory and what I want to do, and without ever really worrying about when I’m going to die.

    19. What will happen after I die?
    Oriana’s Wrath. Apparently a war. Perhaps it has to do with the whole prophecy theme going on. My death will trigger an epic war. (In which half-siblings will fall in love? Creepy).

    20. What is the future of the world afterwards?
    Last Kiss Goodbye. Well, I suppose it’s fitting, since a war will occur after my death, and it’s only fitting that the world should end, because, after all, I’m not in it anymore. Haha. Kidding of course (or am I?). But apparently the world is doomed. (We all knew this xD)

    21. THE song that represents me completely. No explanation. Only lyrics.
    You and me
    A madman and his Angel to their final trip
    Drifting in a sullen sea, identities
    Divided by a tiny line we cannot see
    But I can feel your presence right here

    Tell me where I've gone
    And where are my dreams and my desires?
    They just run away
    And I sit here with these empty words to tell
    I can feel your Spirit falling down in me
    I feel your holy wings
    Calming down my fears and rage that slowly pass me by

    Now I see
    That in this dark surrounding me I will find some peace
    And all the truth I needed was right here with me
    All the reasons why I lost my soul
    I can't get back
    Forgive me, if you can... I won't

    Thanks for what you've done
    And for being how you are with me
    The sun is going down
    Don't keep me here waiting for the dawn alone
    I can feel your Spirit falling down in me
    I feel your holy wings
    Calming down my fears and rage that slowly pass me by

    Here I am
    Is this the end I always have been searching for?
    The meaning of what I called life?

    Conclusion: Contradictions galore. I’ll be loved and a fulfiller of a prophecy in which I’ll strive to save the world, but apparently fail anyhow since a war will occur after my death in which a destroyed earth will be the ultimate result. Nice.