Dude these are my favorite songs

These are my favorite songs. Been with me through heartbreak and all. I love these. They are forever in my heart
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Titel Dauer
1 The Academy Is...About a Girl Loved track 3:39
2 My Chemical RomanceSING Loved track 4:03
3 Fall Out BoySugar, We're Goin Down Loved track 3:51
4 My Chemical RomanceWelcome to the Black Parade Loved track 5:10
5 Cobra StarshipIt's Warmer In The Basement Loved track 2:57
6 VersaEmergeWhisperer Loved track 3:13
7 Fall Out BoyDance, Dance Loved track 3:01
8 EmpiresDamn Things Over Loved track 4:10
9 My Chemical RomanceThe Sharpest Lives Loved track 3:20
10 Panic! at the DiscoTime to Dance Loved track 3:22
11 All Time LowLost in Stereo Loved track 3:48
12 Fall Out BoyXO Loved track 3:40
13 The UsedAll That I've Got Loved track 3:57
14 The All-American RejectsI'm Waiting Loved track 3:34
15 Dashboard ConfessionalHands Down Loved track 3:07
16 The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusYour Guardian Angel Loved track 5:21
17 Cobra StarshipHot Mess Loved track 2:52
18 My Chemical RomanceHelena Loved track 3:22
19 Fall Out BoyChampagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends Loved track 3:24
20 Panic! at the DiscoNine in the Afternoon Loved track 3:14
21 The Academy Is...Skeptics And True Believers Loved track 2:54
22 The MaineGirls Do What They Want Loved track 3:12
23 The All-American RejectsMove Along Loved track 3:59
24 YellowcardOcean Avenue Loved track 3:18
25 The All-American RejectsStab My Back Loved track 3:09
26 All Time LowBreak Your Little Heart Loved track 2:52
27 All Time LowThe Beach Loved track 3:01
28 The All-American RejectsIt Ends Tonight Loved track 4:05
29 The All-American RejectsSwing Swing 3:55
30 Hot Chelle RaeWhatever Loved track 2:53
31 Boys Like GirlsLove Drunk Loved track 3:46
32 Every AvenueTell Me I'm A Wreck Loved track 3:40
33 The All-American RejectsGives You Hell Loved track 3:33


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