• Upcoming Concerts/Shows in the Bay Area

    5. Mai. 2006, 6:54

    I want to see these:

    May 6
    Islands, Why? and Cadence Weapon are playing at Slim's.
    Richard Buckner, Doug Gillard, El Capitan, and Meric Long are playing at the Bottom of the Hill.
    The Coup and Mike Relm are playing at the Mezzanine.

    May 7
    Acid Mothers Temple, The Antarcticans, and Je Suis France are playing at the Bottom of the Hill.

    May 12
    Jason Webley, Shivshark, Casual Frog, and Sad Bastard Book Club are playing at 58 Tehama.

    May 20
    Prefuse 73, Edan, and Nobody are playing at the Mezzanine

    May 26
    Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, and The Beat Junkies

    June 12
    The Mountain Goats and Barbara Morgenstern are playing at the Bottom of the Hill.

    June 16
    Baaba Maal is playing at Masonic Hall

    June 18
    Seu Jorge and Aimee Mann are playing at Stern Grove.

    July 24
    Os Mutantes is playing at the Fillmore.

    August 13
    Yo La Tengo, Matmos, Luke Temple and The Chemistry Set are playing at the Montalvo Arts Center

    Unfortunataely, Some of these shows are 21+ (all the ones at the Mezzanine), some are on the same to day, and I'm pretty damn broke.
  • Group Connections

    1. Mai. 2006, 1:18

    Hey fellow KFJC listeners,

    When I started this community, I added connections by going through KFJC reviews and weekly charts, as well as pulling from my own memory of artists I''ve heard or known to be played on the station. As it turns out, groups can only have 200 artist connections, and I want the connections to be more representative of what the people in this group listen to.

    So if you would be so kind, please go through the connections list and name ones you want to make sure I keep, as well artists you think should be on there.
  • Improved Mainstream Test

    27. Apr. 2006, 18:58

    NOTE: This is just for fun. I'm well aware that things like this are kind of silly, and don't matter, so if you don't like the idea go bore someone else.

    AnUprightBearposted a method for determining a person's musical "mainstream rating" using the charts. I liked the idea, but concluded that his method needed some improvement. The only thing that absolutely needs changing on his equation is the value for the highest possible rating, which he has as 324,128. This number was pulled from the global top artist chart of a prior week.

    The problem is that this number is far above the actual highest possible rating, since for starters it's a different kind of numbers than he's using (the number of listenerson each individual artist page) to calculate one's personal rating. The next problem is that if you take the artist with the most listeners as your top rating (which is what I believe he intended to do), a person has to listen to soley that artist in order to get a 100% mainstream rating. I see people who listen to Radiohead and absolutely nothing else as outliers, not as markers around which to base the entire rating. Anyone who listens to 10 very mainstream artists could get as low as a 75%, I imagine. I chose to make my top value 200,000 listeners. It's not something I arrived at very scientifically, but while perusing the charts it seemed like good value that would clip off everything above it as a mainstream artist, and increase sensitivity of the test between people who are not "100% mainstream." If I've done this right, that will be most people anyway.

    A brief side note:
    Now, I'm not trying to be critical of AnUprightBear; I'm glad he did create his mainstream test. Aside from the value he chose for the top rating, I think it's a good quick way to calculate "mainstreamness." I think it's fun, and it inspired me.

    I also decided to use a person's top 25 artists instead of their top 10; it just seemed more fair to me. Unfortunately that does add to the time it takes to calculate your rating.

    Finally, I added an entirely new factor. It is my belief the the less "mainstream" people listen to more music. How many people do you now who are only listening to cLOUDDEAD, Cibo Mato, and Harry Partch? The fact is, people who listen to lesser known artists tend to listen to more artists. To utilize this, I created an additional portion of the equation to decrease or increase one's mainstream rating depending on how much of their total play count their top 25 artists account for.

    Alright, on to the equation:


    a1 through a25 are the numbers of listeners for each of your top 25 artists

    b1 through b25 are your play counts for each of your top 25 artists

    c is yout total tracks played

    Here is me as an example:
    From left to right:
    rank/subscript, artist, a, b
    1 Tom Waits 78,329 413
    2 Rufus Wainwright 67,129 291
    3 Sufjan Stevens 94,902 263
    4 They Might Be Giants 39,305 203
    5 Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire 3,224 187
    6 of Montreal 57,437 178
    7 Andrew Bird 24,705 178
    8 Prince 83,793 170
    9 !!! 31,117 161
    10 Dungen 19,924 159
    11 The Books 31,792 149
    12 Animal Collective 50,232 142
    13 Cake 112,588 134
    14 Jon Brion 22,105 133
    15 Jeff Buckley 103,931 121
    16 The Magnetic Fields 60,833 120
    17 Aphex Twin 108,343 117
    18 Led Zeppelin 19,2230 116
    19 Ry Cooder 13,678 116
    20 The Beatles 267,601 116
    21 Brian Wilson 19,307 116
    22 Christopher O'Riley 5,298 113
    23 Kings of Convenience 57,465 109
    24 Os Mutantes 11,338 109
    25 The Beach Boys 116,419 106

    The summation of a1 through a25 divided by 25 (the average) is 59,985. 100(59,985/200,000) = 29.99(%). This is the initial rating. Now it's time to take into account how big a variety of music I listen to.

    The summation of b1 through b25 is 4,020.
    c is my tracks played, which is 21,427. 1.5(4,020/21,427) = .2814.

    Now I multiply 29.99 by .28 to get my final rating of 8.44%.

    Please try it out if you have the time, and let me know how it works for you. While fiddling out the details I made sure it produced a similar rating for AnUprightBear (he felt what he got was appropriate), and a lower rating for me (I felt mine was a bit too high). Still, it could seem to give you a value you find is not appropriate at all, in which case I may revise.
  • A new personal best.

    23. Mär. 2006, 21:54

    Less than 50 tracks away from 20,000! Perhaps I should do something to mark the occasion, like play a wicked awesome track such as Higher and Higher, Spaghetti Occidentale Al Dente, or anything by Radiohead, The Beatles, or Coldplay.

    Or maybe I should wipe my statistics.

    What do you think?