• 木村カエラ NEW ALBUM: HOCUS POCUS 6/24/09

    21. Mai. 2009, 22:36

    (1)Dear Jazzmaster '84
    (2)マスタッシュ(album ver.)
    (8)Another World
    (12)BANZAI(album ver.)
    (13)Super girl

    2,940円 (CD)

    3,465円 (Special Edition + DVD)

    The DVD includes:
    1.Music Videos
     2.memories(original version)
    2.tvk”saku saku”MC復活ウィーク編集版
    3.「BANZAI」MUSIC VIDEO making of
  • Gaijin Underground Music Network

    14. Apr. 2009, 3:20

    So I started a blog that I wish I had when I first went to Japan. It's basically a blog dedicated to all the underground acts in Japan and new release announcements and live show dates. There's nothing about j-pop acts or visual kei bands or new dramas. It's strictly about letting foreigners in Japan, like myself, know about cool shows to check out and what albums they might like. Check it out if you're interested. I'll try to have album reviews and interviews after a while. Thanks to save_myself for the help.

    Gaijin Underground Music Network
  • Mind of Asian Japanese Tracklist

    7. Dez. 2008, 18:09

    Mind of Asian Japanese tracklist

    So I got tired of seeing romaji titles, translated English titles, [untranslated], and Japanese Track all over one of my favorite bands' page so I thought I'd write all the tracks out for you fans who want to keep it authentic. Just copy and paste it if you can't type out the Japanese. If you have problems displaying Japanese characters on your system, let me know.

    Also I think I'm missing some stuff they have on some compilations, but I'll see about getting those soon.

    紅い華 (Akai Hana) [the cover shows the title in both Japanese and English so I tag mine as shown.]

    1. Trip Brace My Energies
    2. No Border
    3. Japan Is Rotten
    4. 紅い華
    5. Life
    6. One Own Way

    沈黙の霧の中 [Romanized as Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka, for those of you who have it written like that in your tags.]

    1. 雨ニモマケズ
    2. こんな世の中
    3. No Rain No Rainbow
    4. 音のない夜
    5. 清風明月
    6. ノ垂れ死二
    7. 永遠になる
    8. 理想⇔現実
    9. I Feel the Earth Move
    10. 青い島

    Mind of Asian - Straight Edge Kegger Split
    1. I♥XXX
    2. 理想⇔現実
    3. 青い島
    4. SATISFACTION!!!!!
    5. 艶
    6. 音のない夜
    7. こんな世の中
    8. 清風明月


    1. この国の行く末は
    2. Dear Love
    3. 地球上のどこかで
    4. いつもこころに
    5. 探しているものは何だろう
    6. 偏見が人を左右するのか
    7. Get Back Green
    8. 大きな森の小さな象
    9. Natural
    10. 祈りよ
    11. Life
    12. We Are Asian
    13. Let's Go!
    14. Beer Beer Beer
    15. スタートラインは目の前だ