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    8. Apr. 2010, 9:11

    Wed 7 Apr – Opeth 20th Anniversary
    Opeth outdid themselves this time. Their shows are always everything they should be, but this one was more. There was no opener, and Opeth played well over 2 hours, performing the album Blackwater Park in its entirety followed by an even more unbelievable set of songs they've rarely or never played live. The concert was one of only six 20th anniversary shows Opeth is playing (only two in the US). Despite the sound at Terminal 5 being horrible most of the time, they fixed the mix near enough to the beginning that I nearly forgot how terrible the start of the show sounded.

    I broke my glasses for the second time in a row. Last time they were utterly destroyed during Heir Apparent, this time someone dropped a girl on my head during my favorite song (April Ethereal). AN ENTIRE GIRL! Right on my head. Somehow the people around me managed to find both pieces in the middle of the song. Happier still, I fixed them already. Win.

    A post script that doesn't excite me but might interest some people - Mike Portnoy was clearly visible in the VIP section balcony. I am now more certain that I actually did see Dream Theater in the balcony when I saw Opeth last year at Trocadero. That's cute, they's friends.