• The best Boiler Rooms

    24. Jan. 2013, 19:53

    "One year-old today, Boiler Room is, according to them, “London’s seminal Ustream show, broadcasted every Tuesday from a warehouse in London.” Describing some guys playing tunes on uStream while we milled around some dank place drinking rum and ginger as “seminal” felt like a bit of a stretch at first. But as months wore on, it became clear that there was no-one, but no-one, doing more to pull together the disparate, gaseous groundswell of artists making tracks that operate around bass frequencies and the remnants of pirate-radio music, at least no-one that let you bring your own Red Stripe. (...)"

  • A setlist do concerto

    27. Jul. 2012, 11:43

  • Favorite tracks

    16. Feb. 2011, 16:47

    Everybody has favorite songs. Everybody except me. What is the use? Or fun? Don't get it, mas in the meanwhile I've marked "You Got The Love (The XX Remix)" and "Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith)" as favorites... :|
  • BPFCast #11: Beatsploitation

    28. Apr. 2009, 13:50

    Na 11ª edição do BPFcast dedica-se uma hora ao hip-hop numa vertente mais instrumental e abstracta com raízes bem vintage cheias de alma e alguma poesia. O “Beatsploitation” é uma viagem pelo hip-hop que, sendo actual, bebe influências de ontem e de hoje: de Bullitt a Shaft aos dramatismos de amores presentes não correspondidos, enfim, cabe tudo.

    «One full hour of mixed free vintage hip-hop. The beats, the music and the art are free. Support the artists and give a shout to say "thanks!, I’m glad you decided to offer your music!»

    Crookram – Hostile [BUBE-002]
    Merlune - Distilled Music [DWK014]
    Niwa - When she looked at me (i saw her won) [iD.046]
    DarkSunn - Diatrabalhonoite
    Suhov – Over [BUBE-003]
    Fluxo – Equilíbrio [PTDM010]
    Niteffect - True types [Kreislauf 013]
    Basementality - See It Coming [GFR01S]
    Aphilas - Blind matador techniques [mia049]
    Mr. Moods – Variations
    Skipless – Stella [DWK025]
    Bradata - Ashes And Dust [DWK018]
    Fluxo - Balança [PTDM010]
    Rasterfahndung - Nem [rabr002]
    Laguna - Solo Un Amor Verdadero Hara Latir Su corazon [DWK024]
    Innereyefull - The return of [DWK023]
    Strad - Bullit Theme [DWK027]
    Crookram – Biggles [BUBE-002]
    Aphilas - Collective memory loss [mia049]
    The Raincoated Man – Outro

    Download em MP3 no Beats Plat Free (