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Über mich

Hello there,

Welcome to my realm 丶(^ω^)ノ

Most information here is probably outdated as of 2014, but you're welcome to look around.

I'm an Asian student with quite an addiction to Japanese Music, which has lead me to staying up countless nights to collect the latest releases of my favorite artists available.
A chart showing my most favorite artists would probably be as follows,

1. Utatsuki Kaori (詩月カオリ)
2. Shimotsuki Haruka (霜月はるか)
3. yozuca* (yozuca*)
4. Katakiri Rekka (片霧烈火)
5. Kotoko (KOTOKO)
6. fripSide (fripSide)
7. Lia (Lia)
8. Chata (茶太)
9. Mizuki Nana (水樹奈々)
10. ClariS (ClariS)

That'd be my top10, and it doesn't usually change.

Apart from my Jmusic addiction, I also listen to some Korean pop as well, though good albums on this genre is heavily limited(In my opinion anyways).

If you're interested in sending me a friend request, try talking to me first. I'll always be available on the Rizon IRC network ( would be a surefire way of finding me). Chances of me accepting if I know you is probably higher. You can try the comments box as well.

I can read/write Japanese on a fair level (Decent enough to read most eroges/novels anyways), which would explain my fascination with Jmusic, I suppose.

Well, that's all for now.

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