A Change Is A-Cook


22. Mai. 2008, 2:29

No need to preface it, other than to say it's the finale of American Idol. Let's get to it!

Opening number with the Top 12, and it was actually a decent number. The fact that they had dancers to distract from the choreography was probably part of it. I'm surprised there wasn't a "So You Think You Can Dance" plug in there.

Performance #2 is a duet with David Squared, doing Hero, and it's definitely meant as a David Cook track. David Archuleta is so out of his element on the track that it's hard to understand the logic in putting them together.

What's an American Idol finale without a truly shameless plug for a movie? They sure got it out of the way quickly, with Mike Myers and his upcoming "The Love Guru". It was actually a funny bit, with the shaving attempt on Cook, and the "boom boom" comment that seemed to fly over Archuleta's head, at least initially.

Oh, look...Syesha Mercado gets a duet with Seal! On paper, I'm sure that the two of them singing Waiting for You seemed like a good idea. But Syesha just got lost in the mix, and it wasn't that great.

Up next, Jason Castro revisits his strongest moment of his time on Idol, Hallelujah. Nice job with the track, but I was distracted by his playing to the audience, rather than just focusing on the song.

David Squared get cars, and then the ladies of Idol do Donna Summer. Well, not literally, but her songs. How about if we just bring Donna out to sing her new single Stamp Your Feet? I'm loving this track already, so it was really cool for her to get to sing it on national TV, along with a Last Dance duet with Syesha, who she graciously gave her sequined microphone. Lady Summer can still belt it out!

Alright...how bout this? Vocal duos are the norm in Country music, but you really don't see many in pop or rock music. How about Carly Smithson and Michael Johns? They were terrific together, with a great chemistry. What an amazing version of The Letter!

Jimmy Kimmel, who practically stole the show at "Idol Gives Back", wasn't quite as funny tonight, although the Paula Abdul joke was inevitably funny.

If the ladies get a medley, then the men must be getting one, too. In their case, Bryan Adams gets to be the muse and the singing partner, and it's a fun time. Bryan continues to be a hot looking guy from a distance, but not so much on those intense close-ups. I hadn't heard it before tonight, but I really like his new song I Thought I'd Seen Everything.

I'd heard about it prior to the show, but the pairing of Cook with ZZ Top doing Sharp Dressed Man was pretty cool to hear. Cook held his own, although him playing guitar with ZZ Top is like someone putting on boxing gloves to take a picture with Mike Tyson. There's no chance of measuring up.

Brooke White and Graham Nash...who knew? Whoever put this show together did an AWESOME job! That was a terrific pairing. Why can't Idol be this entertaining all the time?

[Holy side note! While I normally fast-forward through the commercials, I've let a few of them play so far this evening. Imagine my surprise when what looks like a flashback to "Risky Business" turns into David Cook playing the Tom Cruise role for a Guitar Hero commercial. He even did the feet in the air part of the scene!]

Okay...The Jonas Brothers are okay, but I just don't get into them all that much. The oldest of the three, though, is kinda hot. Nothing else to say about that.

Just like there isn't anything more to say about the worst performance segment. Beyond words.

One Republic takes the stage to sing Apologize, which seems a little odd, considering they're two singles ahead of that, until you hear the cheers from the audience, and realize that Archuleta is taking the stage to sing. If Archuleta doesn't record at least one song with Ryan Tedder, it will be a wasted opportunity. That was the perfect contemporary sound for Archuleta, and he needs to embrace it.

I've heard several commentators recently say that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the only two Idol champs who have really succeeded, but I think you really have to give it to Jordin Sparks. Two top 10 hits, a gold album on its way to platinum, and the third single sounds like a hit to me. She did a nice job with One Step at a Time.

[Side note...I am really loving the new Coldplay track, Viva la Vida, from the new iTunes commercials.]

Okay...was the Gladys Knight And The Pips parody really necessary? Scratch that...is another Ben Stiller really necessary? Jack Black just cracked me up big time.

Speaking of Ms Underwood, it's her usual strong performance of
Last Name, but is anyone already getting a little bit of Underwood burnout yet?

[Holy HOLY side note! Guitar Hero redux, with Archuleta this time, with boxer shorts this time, and no legs in the air. I mean, he is 17, after all.]

One more group performance, and this time it's George Michael time. It's a rough stretch of songs, but Uncle George comes out and makes the pain worthwhile. Now THIS is how Praying For Time SHOULD be sung, although for such a high-energy show, it really is a momentum-buster. Still, hopefully Archuleta is taking some notes on how to sing a power ballad. And the guy had a cold, too!

Okay...the big moment. As I mentioned to someone earlier this evening, Simon retracts his "knockout" comment from last night, and we go to the result. Your American Idol for Season 7 is David...COOK!

And then the DVR cuts out. Did he actually sing? With how bad the songs were last night, I sure hope not. All in all, while I do think that Archuleta was the better singer last night, Cook won the country over with his total body of work, and the show maintains a bit of legitimacy.

That's it for this season. And I now have Tuesday and Wednesday nights back to myself again. Have a great summer, y'all.


  • xblcsaw

    David A. should have won. He has much more vocal talent. He will definitely end up making a lot of money.

    22. Mai. 2008, 4:02
  • randalb89

    So glad that Cook won!! I loved this night, it had some of the best performances of the whole season (Carly & Michael <3<3<3) I actually thought the OneRepublic/Archuleta performance was one of the worst. Both Ryan and David's vocals were off. Archuleta tried hitting a high note like Ryan does and really messed up and then sang really low which just didn't fit the song. But I think it would sound great if he recorded it. I really thought having the Jonas Brothers there was lame and pointless, but I'm not really a fan. (and btw it's the middle brother you think is attractive, at least I think, he's the main singer) And yes David Cook sang Time of My Life which was the winning song. Kind of weird that they didn't sing it the week before, but it was much better than the song he chose in my opinion. You can see it on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmAe4EnB0ik

    22. Mai. 2008, 4:29
  • geminidragon

    Cook will sell more records than Archie. No doubt they are both gonna be successful!

    22. Mai. 2008, 15:54
  • funkysoulmn

    If he is forced to sing pop crap or if he is given creative control. If they force some Chris Daughtry type crap into David Cook's body of work, it would be such a shame as this guy should be allowed to create & alter things as he sees fit. He is a thousand times better than anyone who might be asked produce for his future idol album. Easily up there with anyone working in the industry today with legitimate ability & creativity. This guy has got REAL musical skills. Anyone that says Archuletta should win is flippin crazy, the kid has NO stage presence, confidence, forgets parts of his lyrics every week, and his voice is annoying @ 18 years old. (Though, if you heard him sing before he had his vocal cord injury-AMAZING). He was nothing but the IDOLpimped all season long.

    22. Mai. 2008, 22:04
  • Jazz13

    Jordin is very underrated considering her successes. good for her. Congrats to David Cook, even though I think he's kind of a prick.

    22. Mai. 2008, 23:56
  • WhereImGoing

    xblcsaw, no doubt. The guy's got a bright future ahead of him. randalb89, I actually meant the brother on the right playing guitar. He looked like the oldest one. I might have just been off on that. I'm glad you hung around for the end, though. At least Syesha made it to the top 3, and she was truly fierce singing with Donna Summer. geminidragon, you make a good point. There's no reason that both of them can't be successful. For me, the difference in this competition was that David Cook is a well-rounded performer...singer, entertainer, writer, musician. Archuleta needs to cut the cords with his dad, go to school for music to beef up his chops, and then come out swingin'. I fear that having a recording contract so young will mess with his development. funkysoulmn, I don't think there's any doubt that they'll let him write. Daughtry wrote a lot of his own stuff, so point the finger at him if you don't like what came out. Jazz13, agreed on Jordin, although in hindsight, the performance wasn't her best, for sure. And I still don't understand why you think so poorly of Cook's attitude, but I guess different people see different things. Thanks for the feedback this season.

    23. Mai. 2008, 11:56
  • randalb89

    of course I stayed to the end, I am a fan of Cook, he just wasn't my favorite, but I'm glad he won, hopefully though Clive doesn't ruin his talent and make him sing complete crap.

    25. Mai. 2008, 18:34
  • WhereImGoing

    Randalb, I know what you mean. I hope that Clive realizes that Cook needs to be allowed to be himself. I'm a little leery of it, but Daughtry actually put out a decent album, so maybe there's hope. Banana, to be honest, the producers really milk the finale here. It was 2 hours of filler to get to the announcement that, frankly, surprised most people. Some of the appearances were kind of cool, but I really think that they could have done it in an hour, and made more of an impact. The big controversy with the decision is that Idol went over their scheduled time enough that many people missed the result, due to their DVRs cutting out.

    1. Jun. 2008, 14:25
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