40 tracks, 38 questions


24. Sep. 2006, 6:58

Put your music player on shuffle.
Post the first 40 songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeats, skip to the next track.

1. Oceanside
2. Milk
3. Gudbuy T'Jane
4. Prominent Men
5. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
6. Buildings
7. Promise
8. Venus in Furs
9. Left & Leaving
10. What Katie Did
11. On the Radio
12. Do You Want To
13. Now Here Is Nowhere
14. Area
15. Build A Bridge
16. All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)
17. Clap Ur Handz
18. Beat It
19. Do
20. Super Heartbeats
21. Automatic Girl
22. I Want You to Want Me
23. I Wanna Die
24. Rip It Up
25. Apply Some Pressure
26. Coquelicot's Tea Party
27. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
28. The Fallen
29. How The Story Goes
30. That Ole Devil Called Love
31. Life's Cornucopia
32. Beat Your Heart Out
33. No Culture Icons
34. Lust For Life
35. Staring At The Sun
36. William, It Was Really Nothing
37. Oh! You Pretty Things
38. Wagon Wheel
39. Après Moi
40. Hooray for the 21st Century (demo)


01. Which song do you prefer, No. 1 or No. 40?
#40. I don't remember what #1 was but it doesn't really matter.

02. Have you ever listened to No. 12 continuously on repeat?
I don't know... maybe. I don't think I have.

03. What album is No. 26 from?
Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse

04. What do you think about the artist who did No. 15?
I think they're awesome at music, and most of them are horrendously cute, but they're kind of mean in person. :( Except Andrew!

05. Is No. 19 one of your favorite songs?
No. I can't say I've listened to it closely even once.

06. Who does No. 38 remind you of?

07. Does No. 20 have better lyrics or music?
I'm pretty sure it's the music cos that's the part I really like.

08. Do any of your friends like No. 3?
Maybe. I don't know if they know it.

09. Is No. 33 from a movie soundtrack?
Not that I know of.

10. Is No. 18 overplayed on the radio?
I imagine at one point in time it may have been... :P

11. What does No. 21 remind you of?
My freshman year.

12. Which song do you prefer, No. 5 or No. 22?
#22. I'm sorry, I really love the Smiths, but "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" is not my favorite song by them, and Cheap Trick are love, and that song is love. Soooo... yeah

13. What album is No. 17 from?
Joyful Rebellion

14. When did you first hear No. 39?
When I was driving from Sacramento to Yreka, the first time I listened to Begin to Hope

15. When did you first hear No. 7?
I think when I bought that Violent Femmes album.

16. What genre is No. 8?
Fetish psychadelia. :P Naw it's like... psychadelic rock.

17. Do any of your friends like No. 14?
Yes. The ones who like the Futureheads.

18. What color does No. 4 remind you of?
Yellow or beige. I don't know why.

19. Have you ever blasted No. 11 on your stereo?
Yes indeed I have. And it's one of my ringtones. I love that song.

20. What genre is No. 37?

21. Can you play No. 13 on any instrument?
Not at the moment

22. What is your favorite lyric from No. 30?
I don't really have one... the whole song is pretty awesome.

23. What is your favorite lyric from No. 23?
Lol I don't have favorite lyrics from these songs!

24. Would you recommend No. 24 to your friends?
YES! I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!!!! Bwahaha.

25. Is No. 2 a good song to dance to?
Not really.

26. Do you ever hear No. 16 on the radio?

27. Is No. 32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song?
Really any time... It depends on the situation.

28. Does No. 36 have any special meaning to you?
Like, the lyrics? Not really, but that album does.

29. Do any of your friends like No. 31?
Yeah one does.

30. Is No. 25 a fast or slow song?
It's relatively fast.

31. Is No. 35 a happy or sad song?
I'd say it's more in awe

32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from No. 9?
The whole song has beautiful lyrics. "Duct tape and stoddard wires, new words for old desires, and every birthday card I threw away"

33. Is No. 34 better to listen to alone or with friends?
With friends, I think.

34. When did you first hear No. 27?
I... don't remember.

35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did No. 29:
1. Speed Racer
2. Thank You
3. It's Alright

36. Do you know all the words to No. 6?
Almost. God I love that song.

37. Does No. 28 have better lyrics or music?
Lol, I don't know... music.

38. What album is No. 10 from?
The Libertines self titled. :'(


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