My Music Favourites (week 19)


11. Mai. 2008, 11:29


* And again it was really a great week this week, with for me the most important thing, the return of dutch pop pride Elize. It's been a while since she released something musical but the waiting was worth it, i so love this new song Lovesick from her and i can't wait to hear her new album and to see the video for it! Also there were some other new great things, like video's and one album but i discuss this later, first up is this weeks list!


1. 01 02 Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L’a
2. 02 09 Charlotte Perrelli - Hero
3. -- 01 Elize - Lovesick
4. 03 05 Chris Brown - Forever
5. 06 03 Us5 - Round & Round
6. 08 04 NLT - Karma
7. 07 04 Helena Paparizou - Porto Gia Ton Ourano
8. 04 04 DJ Bobo - Olé Olé
9. 05 03 E.M.D. - Jennie Let Me Love You
10.09 03 Marco Borsato - Wit Licht
11.17 02 BeFour - Happy Holiday
12.16 03 Bart Claessen - Catch Me
13.15 03 Lieke van Lexond - Alles Altijd
14.10 06 Kane - Shot Of A Gun
15.18 06 Tiësto - Elements of Life
16.11 06 Armin van Buuren - Going Wrong (with DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones)
17.12 08 Rihanna - Take A Bow
18.13 08 David Guetta - Delirious (feat. Tara Mc Donald)
19.14 04 Lexter - Freedom To Love
20.21 02 Katerine - Shut Your Mouth
21.22 02 Hi-Tack - Silence
22.19 10 Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat.Justin Timberlak & Timbaland)
23.20 09 Britney Spears - Break the ice
24. -- 01 Lindsay Lohan - Bossy
25. -- 01 Yves Larock - By Your Side
26.23 16 Cascada - What do you want from me?
27.24 17 Kat DeLuna - Run The Show (feat. Busta Rhymes)
28.25 05 September - Can’t Get Over
29.26 09 Dima Bilan - Believe
30.27 11 Usher - Love In This Club (feat. Young Yeezy)

~ Out this week:

28.19 06 Donal Skehan - Doublecross My Heart
29.21 05 ReCover Project - Sweet Dreams
30.16 06 Duffy - Mercy

* Kate Ryan holds on to the top spot and what a great song it still is, i can't stop listening to it and i think this is for me already THE summer hit of this year! But there are some threads for her like Elize, my god i love her new song and i think she will take the #1 spot next week. Further on in this weeks list it's a bit static but that's good i think. Also Lindsay Lohan enters this week, i love her new song and i'm curious about her new album!


~ Hót new song of the week:

~ Elize - Lovesick

* Well i already mentioned this in the intro, i really love the new song from Elize. She's been away for 2 years and now she returns with a big smash, it's not so good as her biggest hit so far Automatic but i think this will score good though! And if all goes well, the album should follow soon!

~ Hót New Album

~ beFour - We Stand United

* This isn't a new album actually, it was already released in march this year but i discovered it this week that they had a new album lol and i'm a big fan of them and i didn't new that xD Well now i've listened to it and it sounds cool, beFour are from Germany, they are a bit like our dutch Ch!pz and i like it a lot, good pop/dance music! There are already some singles released of it and the latest one is "Happy Holiday" and it's good for the summer! There isn't a video from that song yet, hopefully it comes soon but there is a live performance that they did last week in a German tv show and i post that here below:

beFour - Happy Holiday (live)

~ Hót New Video's

~ Charlotte Perrelli - Hero
~ NLT - Karma

* Well to start with Charlotte Perrelli, i really expected more from her video, as you might know, she represents Sweden in Eurovision this year and the song is soooooo good but the video is a bit weak, she stand there in black and white dresses as a statue (well almost than lol) but they could have done more effort, still she made it to video fave this week cause of the song! Second is the new video from all new boyband NLT, they already had a song called She said I said but this new one Karma is so good and the video is hot (not only the boys lol) So below I've posted both video's, enjoy:

Charlotte Perrelli - Hero:

NLT - Karma:


  • Baszjuh

    ik denk ikga even dat Happy Holiday bekijken.. dat is toch echt te verschrikkelijk voor woorden :o Dat je zoiets leuk kan vinden snap ik niet hoor ;) :P

    11. Mai. 2008, 13:22
  • Wesszz

    lol, nja je kent me nu wel een beetje, ik hou van die foute muziek :P en dit past daar precies tussen, heerlijke pop/dance ;)

    11. Mai. 2008, 13:53
  • Rockrooster

    - Dutch Pop Pride? Like hell she isnot! (A) Ik vind Sita beter (LL) - Kate Ryan blijft #1! Zegt toch wat over de kracht van het nummer, aangezien Charlotte toch bij Carlo & Irene was? Ik had echt wel verwacht dat Charlotte weer #1 zou worden (A) - NLT zal wel stijgen door de video (A) - DJ Bobo begint al hard te zakken, dit was toch het EK-nummer? - Gelukkig, Marco Borsato daalt al :X - OMG :X Hoe kan Lieke nu toch nog stijgen :P - Tiesto is ook weer helemaal terug, vorige week re-entree :P En nu weer doorstijgen? Werk van 538? - Verder vooral weer droppers :p Madonna is ook over zie ik, al dropt ze wel langzaam… - Lindsay Lohan :| OMG, en ik dacht dat het na EliZe al niet slechter kon worden :X Maar nu komt Lindsay Lohan ook al binnen met zo’n slap nummer :s Ze zingt het zo saai, alsof ze er geen zin in heeft :s EliZe doet het wat dat betreft beter! - Ik hoop dat het album van Elize toch wat meer ‘automatic’ achtige nummers heeft en niet zoals ‘lovesick’ of ‘itsy bitsy spider’ - LOL!!! Hoe kun je nu zoiets als een album vergeten :P Achja je kunt niet alles in de gaten houden hè? :P - OMG :x Dat BeFour livegeval is erg :X Het nummer is gewoon fout, en hoe ze met de camera omgaan is ook best amateuristisch :X Het nummer is wel een grote hit daar bij het publiek :o - LOL!! Charlotte is videofave vanwege het nummer :s Dat is toch raar (A) Als ik het nummer leuk vind, maar de video kut maak ik het geen ‘video fave’ (A). BTW is Charlotte geen #1 door de video?? En idd, ze staat wel erg stil ja, zovan als ik maar een beetje beweeg scheur ik ook uit mijn jurk lol!! - En wat ik van NLT vind, weet je al (A): hotte video, cool script :P

    12. Mai. 2008, 14:00
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