Virtraven Dream - Janna i Nozh [2010]


17. Dez. 2010, 10:50

Virtraven Dream – schizophrenia against the totalitarianism..

The Virtraven Dream band published in the night from 6 to 7 of December the new release. After one year break musicians has pleased their listeners by new single Janna I Nozh (rus. - Jane and the Knife). Fans will hear the voice of the new soloist - Belika and the brand new sounding with a lion`s share of melody and with no loss of the industrial direction.

Virtraven Dream:

Max Verg
Nik Grafix

Virtraven Dream project has existed since 2007. This is Siberian band, based on the infinite creative searching and experiments. Virtraven Dream are creating the new music, which makes a revolution inside the listeners` heads together with the futurism lyrics` philosophy. Virtraven Dream`s work is the symbolized destinies of the insane persons in reality, which looks like anti-Utopia world of "1984", George Orwell. The "soulscream" genre etymology is originating from this - it is a scream and contortion of the soul.
Virtraven Dream are the original cosmopolitans in underground music` world, combinating several of directions. Noise, Psychedelic, Industrial, Dark Electro, Post-Gothic, and Experimental - this cocktail is making the unique sounding of group.

Janna I Nozh (rus. - Jane and the Knife) contain three track with the same named composition in the title. Janna is the young girl, who is following killing of human beings because of her schizophrenia and aggressive alter ego, which is embodying in Nozh. The main part of the text is reflecting mental process and feelings of Nozh like of reasonable and spiritualized personality. "1984" is following it, connected directly with the creativity of Orwell and it is reflecting the totalitarian reality, which is surrounding the VD heroes. The last track named "Svoboda" (rus. - Freedom) is the cover-version on the same named song of Chernyi Obelisk. It is personifying worrying and aggression, caused by disappointment, not-coming-true hopes and dreams.

Today Virtraven Dream is the welcome guest on the all own Krasnoyarsk`; Tomsk`, Irkutsk`, Ulan-Ude` and other`s thematic stages. Also they are the participants of "Dark Entries 2010", acting two times in a one day and recognizing as the most aggresive festival`s band.

2008 – Be Divine Damnation
2009 – Lyssophobia Trinity
2010 – Janna I Nozh (Single)

Genre: Soulscream Electro-Industrial

1. Janna I Nozh
2. 1984
3. Svoboda (Cherniy Obelisk Cover)

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