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Schau nach, was alle anderen als experimental getaggt haben.

Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell (Humi)Awayuki I (Light Snow I) Getaggt letzten Monat
Frank ZappaThe Nancy & Mary Music Part 1 Getaggt Februar 2014
East of EdenUno transito clapori Getaggt Januar 2014
Jean LouisMilwaukee Getaggt Dezember 2013
Blossom ToesTrack For Speed Freaks Getaggt November 2013
Einstürzende NeubautenIn Circles Getaggt November 2013
FaustMeadow Meal Getaggt Oktober 2013
Missus BeastlyXOX Getaggt Oktober 2013
Yoke ShireDogfight Getaggt Oktober 2013
Jean LouisMorses From Mars Getaggt September 2013
  King Crimson Getaggt September 2013
Anthurus d'ArcherPersevator no foot bubble mac-twist Getaggt Mai 2013
  Ummagumma - Disk 2 (12 Titel)
Pink Floyd
Getaggt Mai 2013
Pink FloydSeveral Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With… Getaggt Mai 2013
King CrimsonDig Me Getaggt April 2013
  Live In Pompej
Pink Floyd
Getaggt März 2013
ExmagmaZink Tank Getaggt Februar 2013
Frank ZappaRedneck Eats Getaggt Februar 2013
Secret Chiefs 3The Electrotheonic Grail Dove Getaggt Januar 2013
FaustI've Got My Car and My TV Getaggt Januar 2013
Frank ZappaSleeping In A Jar Getaggt Januar 2013
Desert SessionsWinners Getaggt November 2012
Art ZoydApparition et Danse Charnell de la Femme-Robot (Appearance and Carnal Dance of the… Getaggt November 2012
Frank ZappaAre You Hung Up? Getaggt Oktober 2012
Pink FloydSpeak to Me Getaggt Oktober 2012
Harsh RealityMary Roberta Pt.3 Getaggt Juli 2012
Art ZoydLa Descent vers les Catacombs (The Descent toward the Catacombs) Getaggt Juli 2012 the Spirit Getaggt Juni 2012
MindflowDreams are free Getaggt Mai 2012
Aphrodite's ChildAll The Seats Were Occupied Getaggt April 2012
Aphrodite's ChildThe Wakening Beast Getaggt April 2012
FaustDr' Hansl Getaggt April 2012
Frank ZappaBrown Shoes Don't Make It Getaggt März 2012
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy II Getaggt Januar 2012
Pain of SalvationBreak Darling Break (Bonus track) Getaggt Januar 2012
Time MachineNew Frontiers Getaggt Januar 2012
FaustImpro 2, part 2 Getaggt Dezember 2011
Quiet SunBargain Classics Getaggt Dezember 2011
The Mothers of InventionPrelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask Getaggt Dezember 2011
Frank ZappaRubber Shirt Getaggt Dezember 2011
Pink FloydSysyphus Part 2 Getaggt November 2011
PsigloSienteme Getaggt November 2011
Frank ZappaTheme From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear Getaggt November 2011
Frank ZappaShip Ahoy Getaggt November 2011
King CrimsonSartori in Tangier Getaggt Oktober 2011
Alamaailman VasaratKebab tai henki! Getaggt Oktober 2011
The Mothers of InventionIgor's Boogie, Phase One Getaggt September 2011
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother Suite Lieblingslied Getaggt September 2011
EAVSOHN WO BIST DU Getaggt August 2011
Frank ZappaSweet Leilani Getaggt August 2011
King CrimsonLights Please (part 2) Getaggt Juli 2011
Pink FloydAlan's Psychedelic Breakfast Getaggt Juli 2011
Frank ZappaThe Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage Getaggt Juni 2011
PhloxSiil Getaggt Juni 2011
Laurie AndersonO Superman (for Massenet) Getaggt Juni 2011
Frank ZappaUndaunted, The Band Plays On Getaggt Juni 2011
Frank ZappaWait A Minute Getaggt Mai 2011
Tom WaitsPlease Wake Me Up Getaggt Mai 2011
Ensemble Modern plays Frank ZappaNaval Aviation in Art? Getaggt Mai 2011
Idiot FleshPuppet Theater Getaggt Mai 2011
Flaming BessTanz Der Götter I Getaggt April 2011
Frank ZappaWhat Ever Happened To All The Fun In The World Getaggt März 2011
  Guru Guru Getaggt Februar 2011
Schicke, Führs & FröhlingPrickel Pit Getaggt Februar 2011
Aphrodite's ChildThe Wedding Of The Lamb Getaggt Januar 2011
KoenjihyakkeiGrembo Zavia Lieblingslied Getaggt Januar 2011
Pink FloydSysyphus Part 1 Getaggt Dezember 2010
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals Getaggt Dezember 2010
The Mothers of InventionIgor's Boogie, Phase Two Getaggt November 2010
Frank ZappaTiny Sick Tears Getaggt November 2010
Roger WatersMore Than Seven Dwarfs In Penis-Land Getaggt November 2010
FaustSo Far Getaggt November 2010
Pink FloydQuicksilver Getaggt Oktober 2010
The Mothers of InventionGet A Little Getaggt Oktober 2010
Alamaailman VasaratHakumies Getaggt Oktober 2010
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumA Hymn to the Morning Star Getaggt Oktober 2010
Frank ZappaStatus Back Baby Getaggt Oktober 2010
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandPeon Getaggt September 2010
Frank ZappaWhile You Were Art II Getaggt September 2010
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy I Getaggt September 2010
Alamaailman VasaratHuikeuden Lieriö Getaggt September 2010
Frank ZappaNanook Rubs It Getaggt September 2010
Frank ZappaNine Types Of Industrial Pollution Getaggt August 2010
Frank ZappaKing Kong III Getaggt August 2010
Frank ZappaNaval Aviation In Art? Getaggt Juni 2010
Butthole SurfersU.S.S.A. Getaggt Juni 2010
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe fall of the House of Usher: Prelude (Instrumental) Getaggt Juni 2010
DiscusSystem Manipulation Getaggt Juni 2010
Jim SteinmanLove And Death And An American Guitar Getaggt Juni 2010
Guru GuruDer LSD - Marsch Getaggt Juni 2010
Alamaailman VasaratVasaraasialainen Getaggt Juni 2010
MindflowFocus Getaggt Juni 2010
PhloxLoomaaed Getaggt Juni 2010
Secret Chiefs 3Ship of Fools (Stone of Exile) Getaggt Mai 2010
Secret Chiefs 3The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun) Getaggt Mai 2010
Secret Chiefs 3The Owl in Daylight Getaggt Mai 2010
Secret Chiefs 3Renunciation Getaggt Mai 2010
Frank ZappaPrelude To King Kong Getaggt Mai 2010
Acoustic LadylandHave Another Go Getaggt Mai 2010
Van der Graaf GeneratorMeurglys III (edit) Getaggt April 2010