Part 4: Audio Adrenaline


21. Feb. 2012, 14:52

After listen to 3 not so known artists, I was excited to listen to a staple in the Christian music industry. Audio Adrenaline had always been a good band but I had never listen to their music. I heard there singles (Big House, Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus, King) but had never taken time to listen to the rest.

Audio Adrenaline would have to be one of my favorite bands in the pop/rock genre. Some of AA’s older work was some of their best with the older albums producing hit singles. SO enjoyed their older albums a bit more than their more recent stuff
There first major release album had a bit of rap which was fun to hear and brought something different to the plate with AA. “Don’t Censor Me”, their next album had more pop/rock element and introduced us to one of their biggest songs…”Big House”, “Don’t Censor Me” is probably the best CD of their early career. The released a “Live Bootleg” and then released “bloom”. “Bloom sold the most copies then any other album AA put out. This released was followed up with a slightly under par record called “Some Kind Of Zombie”, while having the classic AA sound it seemed to lack something (but it did include my favorite song “Never Gonna Be A Big As Jesus.”

Fast forward 8 years and you have the sad end of AA. While AA might be gone their memory will live on for a long time. Their last album they made was a live album called “Live From Hawaii” and was a fitting end to a great legacy.

If you want a band that is funny, like to party, delivers great music and lyrics, and shows their devotion to Jesus…this is the band. AA was worth listening to for hours. Once again Audio Adrenaline is a must listen for pop/rock fans.

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