• Hot Fest 2010 my nigga

    6. Nov. 2010, 23:00

    Fri 5 Nov – Hot Fest 2010

    We went nuts for YG's "Toot It and Boot It", Cali Swag's "Teach Me how to Dougie", and of course Far East Movement's "Like a G6". Ray J ate shit on the stage and his music sucks anyways. The iCarly chick I didn't get to see much of since the hoebag I went with made us late. I think New Boyz came on right after her, but I can't remember what song they do. It was a little upsetting that the first few groups that went on only played 2 songs each. When Luda FINALLY came out, we were confused as to what song he was doing...his sound was off or something.
    Overall, okay show. Would've been MUCH BETTER had I gone with someone who actually wanted to be there...
  • Mostly Tool

    24. Aug. 2009, 23:32

    Sat 22 Aug – Epicenter 09
    I only got to see a bit of Atreyu, but I caught Wolfmother, AIC, LP, and Tool. I'm not much of a Wolfmother fan...I know the once song everybody knows, Woman. I couldn't help but notice that the lead singer looks a lot like Carrot Top, and it was distracting me from taking them seriously. AIC, although lacking original members, was still really great and they played classics like Would? and Them Bones. It was quite hilarious when the sound went completely out during LP's performance. We called it a "Vesuvius" moment. It looked like he was lip syncing for a couple minutes...maybe they didn't realize? This was my third time seeing Tool perform and so far the best of the three shows. I was surprised they played Flood, but disappointed they played nothing from Opiate and just Flood from Undertow. Maynard was in crutches from picking too many grapes or whatever, and for once he wasn't hiding in the back somewhere away from the crowd. There were two screen where you could see performances going on, but of course, Tool had their creepy music videos playing on the screens instead of having the cameras on them like the other bands. The venue was kinda crappy, and smelled crappy. The vip goers were ripped off because their shaded seats were very far from the stage. I don't believe anybody got trampled or died, but traffic after the show was crazy and there was something blocking the exit. People sat in their cars for at least an hour. Overall, even though I missed the lesser bands, it was a great show thanks to AIC and Tool. I'm looking forward to Epicenter '10, hopefully in a less stinky venue.